Delphine Turnil

Delphine Turnil Paris


Delphine grew up in France in a secular Jewish-Gentile home that was strongly impacted by the Holocaust. She came to faith as a teenager after she was invited by a Christian friend to attend a Billy Graham crusade in Paris. Delphine studied at the Sorbonne and received a master’s degree in English and American literature.

Delphine grew up in a secular Jewish home greatly impacted by the Holocaust. She came to faith later in life after Christian friends invited her to attend a Billy Graham crusade.

For the reason stated above, she did not grow up with a strong Jewish identity and came to a better understanding of her Jewishness when she came to work with Jews for Jesus. That was one of the motivating factors for her interest in the mission. This is where she met her husband, Joshua, who was also serving with our ministry. They have three children.

Delphine serves in France as a missionary with her husband. Additionally, she is part of a small administrative team that carries a huge workload. She also edits and approves our French monthly newsletters and all other written communication for the Paris branch.