Danielle Stavi

Danielle Stavi Tel Aviv


Danielle Stavi was born in Israel to a believing family near Tel Aviv. At the age of 16 in the midst of difficult circumstances, she realized she had never made a commitment to Jesus. Though Danielle knew of God, she followed her own path. In 2009, through teachings at a conference for high school graduates in preparation for their military service, Danielle came to realize that a life without God is not worth living. It was then that she first understood that she could not reach God through her deeds, but only through the sacrifice made by Yeshua (Jesus). As she trusted in Him, God filled her emptiness with joy and gave her boldness to share regularly about Yeshua during her two years of army service. Danielle then participated in an intensive discipleship course and volunteered in a Christian hostel for backpackers in Amsterdam.

While studying for her BA in social work at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Danielle joined our Israeli Massah (journey), which focuses on reaching young Israelis as they travel through India and South America. Through that experience, her passion and calling for sharing the gospel moved her to join Jews for Jesus at the end of her studies. In 2018, Danielle initiated and began leading the Mekomi team, a ministry for addicts, the homeless, and prostitutes. Applying her education in social work, Mekomi serves the street population, meeting their immediate needs, while focusing on long-term impact. As Danielle says, “I want to help others have a deeper revelation of who God is and to be bold in proclaiming Him as Lord of their lives.”