Adel Ben David

Adel Ben David Jerusalem


Adel Ben David was born in Germany and immigrated to Israel after finishing high school. Adel and her husband, Yoel, came to faith in Jesus in 2001 while living as Orthodox Jews. Yoel has worked with Jews for Jesus for nearly 20 years and currently leads the work in Jerusalem.

In January 2018, Adel joined the staff to contribute to our Behold Your God campaign with her artistic talent. She paints and creates glass mosaics, though her main passion and skill is pottery. In Jerusalem, Adel uses these talents to host workshops and events that help facilitate gospel ministry. She also meets one-on-one with ladies in the city for discipleship. Adel speaks four languages: German, Russian, English, and Hebrew. She and Yoel have four children: Noa, Boaz, Nati, and Naomi.