Shmuel A.

I am an Israeli-American who was born in Seattle to believing parents but grew up in Jerusalem. I moved back to the States when I was 19. While living in San Francisco in 2009, God saved me and I became involved with Jews for Jesus. In 2012 I moved to Chicago where I was pursuing a degree in Jewish Studies at Moody Bible Institute. I continued to work with Jews for Jesus during my studies. However, near the end of my time at Moody, I became very ill and underwent two serious surgeries.

They say I was close to death. But God in His wisdom made me strong again. I began seeking the Lord’s will again and he led me to work with the mentally ill and destitute at Albany Care near Chicago. Many of the people I served were Jewish and I was able to minister to them with the tools I’d acquired with Jews for Jesus. After some time, the Lord led me back to Jews for Jesus to serve full time as a missionary. I have seen God’s hand clearly throughout my journey, and I am humbled by His love and sovereignty in our lives.

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