Salvation Stories

The gospel is still the power of God for salvation, to Jewish people first, and also to Gentiles! Rejoice with us as you see how God continues to open Jewish hearts to Jesus!

If you have already seen our recent stories, we invite you to jump to classic redemption reports, to check out some of our favorite stories selected especially to bless and encourage you.


Gospel hope shines in assisted care homes

Jesus loved and served people whom others had forgotten or marginalized. He calls us to do the same, and gives us many ways to answer that call. Here is one example from the Jews for Jesus branch in Los Angeles.

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Free From Addiction in Tel Aviv

We often ask you to pray for new Jewish believers in Jesus and are happy to report answers to prayer like this one!

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Real Rehabilitation

Here's how God is using the testimony of a former addict to reach people for Jesus in Israel.

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Closed heart suddenly opens

People who seem “completely shut to the gospel” suddenly open their hearts when God does the unexpected. Find out how God used a ring and a key to open one woman’s heart.

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Time, teamwork, and God saves another soul!

God uses teamwork so that when hearts open and lives change, we know that it was not because of our own power of persuasion. It’s all God!

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Yes, LiveChat can help people find Life in Jesus!

Shmuly’s journey to Jesus has had many setbacks but with your prayers, it seems his faith is truly growing!

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Miles apart yet face to face: an Orthodox Jewish journey to Jesus

Technology can be a pain, but wow! It can also open doors, and even help people connect with God!

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A Sign from God

Find out how God answered a Jewish seeker’s prayer in London.

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Behind the Scenes in Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus doesn’t only reach out to people on the streets; we reach out to people whose Christian friends have referred them. Here's what can happen...

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City of Light or Missionary Graveyard?

Read the amazing salvation story of a mother and daughter, see how true the statement is, "with God there are no coincidences."

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The Long Journey Home

The first Jewish woman our Budapest branch leader met with so many years ago finally opens her heart to Jesus.

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Salvation Story From Tour

Here’s why we want you to pray for more Jewish people to come hear our missionaries presenting “Christ in the Passover" and possibly even speak to your pastor about having us come.

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