Shake your lulav!

Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) is in full swing. What are you going to do about it? Not that you have to do anything, but this is a really fun holiday. In fact, it is known as “the Season of Our Rejoicing.”

This is the final festival that God commanded the children of Israel to celebrate in Leviticus 23. It’s also the only one that we’re told all nations will one day celebrate. (See Zechariah 14:16ff.) Basically, God wanted His people to party. It’s a chance to enjoy Him and all He’s done for us.

An extra day of celebration immediately follows this seven-day festival. The point of Sukkot is to remember and rejoice over God’s presence and provision. He not only brought us out of slavery in Egypt, but He stuck with us during our years of wandering in the wilderness. And that’s not all! This is a harvest festival; in fact, many people believe that eventually, it became the inspiration for our American Thanksgiving.

God commanded us to dwell in “booths” or tabernacles for seven days, and to rejoice with leafy branches and beautiful fruit. This has translated into the tradition of waving a lulav (like a bouquet of the three branches mentioned in Scripture) and etrog (a shiny citrus fruit that looks like an oversized lemon). There’s tons more to know about this cool holiday and what Jesus said about it as He celebrated it in Jerusalem. In fact, we have a whole book about it from a Messianic perspective. Find out more here.

Sukkot began at sundown, October 8, right in the middle of our three-day leadership Council meeting. The following morning, before our deliberations we joined together for a time of worship and rejoicing, including taking turns waving the lulav mentioned earlier (see photo). Later that day, we all went out and had special sukkot outreaches on three local campuses. Stay tuned, as we’ll report more on that in our second Sukkot installment!


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