Tea at the MRC

Dinah Sered, wife of our Israel Director Dan Sered and an evangelist in her own right, sensed a need and did something about it. The women on our staff needed some time together, and a Tea would be a great way to provide that. But why limit it to our staff? What about some of our believing friends? And for that matter, why not invite unbelieving women to the event as well?

Seventeen women had confirmed that they were coming to the Tea on Saturday, Nov. 1, including seven who confirmed just an hour before the event. But 30 more simply showed up, so in all, 47 women came!

Dinah says, “My only disappointment was that two unbelieving friends who had said they’d come cancelled at the last minute. We started the Tea with prayer and worship. Then there was time for the ladies to simply enjoy the tea, the food (pastries, quiche, cheeses, —lots of food!) and one another’s company. Then Martha Jacobs (who served with her husband on our staff for many years and was traveling with her brother, David Brickner) shared her story and a message from Acts 2.

“Three unbelievers that I know of attended and perhaps there were more. One who was visiting from Germany told me, ‘Wow! We never praise God or talk about Jesus in my church back home. I love it!’ After I shared God’s redemption plan and explained how to have a faith-based relationship with our Heavenly Father, she said she would go to her room to talk to God about all we spoke of.

“And while I didn’t meet her personally, I know that a Jewish unbeliever, Batya,* also came at the invitation of Adel, one of our staff. Batya has been attending a local congregation for years as a paid musician, and Adel’s husband Yoel (in charge of our training program in Israel) has spoken to her many times. Batya peeked into the Moishe Rosen Center (aka MRC, where the event was held). ‘I can’t stay long,’ she apologized to Adel. But halfway through Martha’s message Adel turned to find Batya still there. This is someone who has heard the truth and needs prayer for an open heart.”

Please pray for salvation for Batya and for the young German woman who attended the Tea.

Please pray also for Dinah, as she considers how to continue offering this type of event on a regular basis.

*Not her real name

Jesus over Tea at the MRC


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