So What: Soul Sparkle

David’s January newsletter article points out that for Jews for Jesus to be true to God, our calling and you, we have to stand firm about certain things that we will never change . . . things like doctrine, ethics and our commitment to reach Jewish people for Jesus. In other words, we need and want to remain faithful!

He then goes on to say, “I want to make the commitment to you that Jews for Jesus will [also] remain the same in one very important way. We are going to continue being different.” In other words, we’ve got to keep going outside the box, finding new ways to connect people with the gospel.

This idea of staying the same yet continuing to change is creating a picture in my mind. I’m seeing sparkles. Now I don’t know about you but I would not describe my personality as especially sparkling. But I like to look at sparkly things. The ocean on a sunny day. A beautifully cut gem. Even bottled water trucks, with all those sequins or whatever it is that transforms ordinary gas-guzzlers into shimmering icons of beauty and refreshment.

I like sparkle. And even if I don’t have an especially sparkling personality, I want my soul to sparkle for Jesus. I want to catch His eye in a way that pleases Him, but I also want to catch His light in ways that draw other people’s attention to Him. Don’t you feel that way, too?

So what makes something sparkle? Well, light that hits reflective surfaces creates sparkle. And the cleaner the surfaces are, the brighter the sparkle. Also, it helps if the surfaces offer more than one angle. And finally, you need movement.

Maybe, like David, you want to make a commitment to staying the same by being different. The things that stay the same are the light shedders. The object of your faith, Jesus, stays the same. Your focus on knowing and serving Him through reading His Word and fellowship with other believers stays the same.

We can think of many other things that will stay the same in 2016 if we want to sparkle for Jesus. But we can also ponder what different angles will set off His light the best. What kind of movement will catch the light? What will help keep our “reflective surfaces” clean? How can we change and move to reflect His light in new ways? How can we group together with other soul sparklers to show off even more of His brightness?

I’m not big on resolutions, but these are things I plan to keep in mind and pray through for the new year. If you have any thoughts about staying the same while being different, or how to have maximum soul-sparkle in 2016, I’d love to hear from you!

Ruth Rosen



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