Spring Outreach in Moscow

Our Moscow team recently had an eight-day street outreach and handed out 31,830 tracts and received contact information from 22 Jewish people willing to hear more about Jesus. Many who gave us their information had spoken with one of our veteran missionaries, Svetlana Kotlomina—and more than a third were people she met on just one sortie (tract-passing expedition) during the first day of the campaign.

Svetlana reports, “During the evening sortie a Jewish lady, Larisa, came up to me and said, ‘You know, I came to Jews for Jesus about twelve years ago. I met a man there, Igor Barbanel. But then I lost contact!’ She left me her current contact information to be back in touch with us. The moment I closed my notebook, a Jewish man, Arkadi, came up to me, asking, ‘What is this about? I’m not the one you are looking for. I’m an atheist!’ However, after a short conversation, he gave me his and his wife’s contact information. As soon as I finished writing down Arkadi’s information, another Jewish man came up to me, saying, ‘Put me on that list.’ He gave me his address, but didn’t want to say his family name.

“A minute later, a Jewish lady stopped next to our volunteer and said, ‘I’m attending MJCC (the Moscow Jewish Community Center, run by the Hasidim, a highly Orthodox sect), and I won’t talk to Jews for Jesus!’ I approached her and after a short conversation, the woman said, ‘Call me. I will meet with you.’ She went on to explain that she had only gone to MJCC once, hadn’t understood anything they were saying and left upset. She was a very interesting woman, seeking God. I looked up to the heavens and thought, ‘God, it’s all You! It’s Your presence! You perform miracles right here, without any effort on my part!’

“Right after that, two more Jewish ladies boldly told me they wanted to know more about Yeshua (Jesus)! I rejoiced! It was only the first day of the mini-campaign! A minute later, a woman named Lidia (not Jewish, not a believer yet) approached me, telling me about her Jewish neighbor, Mila. After a short talk, she gave me Mila’s contact info—and her own, too! What a gift from God on one sortie. Hallelujah!”

Please pray for fruitful follow up from the spring outreach in Moscow, and also for the upcoming campaign the team is planning for September.


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