Behold Your God Israel Wrap-up

Our Behold Your God Israel team did all sorts of things to connect with people in the South Shore region, and 447 Jewish people and 6 Gentiles responded with interest. Some saw our banners, some saw our book tables. Some saw our FB ads, and some were willing to hear more when we phoned them. We also had literature to put on cars (which is legal in Israel). Toward the end of our time, we had signs that said, “I love Ashdod,” “I love Ashkelon” and “I love Yeshua.” Some people wanted their pictures taken holding the signs (see photo gallery).

Of course the T-shirts were walking billboards, announcing, “Yeshua saved me.” They also made a graphic statement with the life preserver logo, and the last letter of Yeshua’s name in red (it’s the letter so commonly and mistakenly left off, unintentionally robbing His name of its true meaning.)

As we wrap up our report on this outreach, we hope you will pray specifically for the following people, but also that you would blanket the South Shore region in prayer, and ask God to work in the hearts of all those who saw and interacted with our faithful team.

Oded reports: “We were almost finished putting tracts on cars when a religious man approached us and angrily accused us of breaking the law. I spoke calmly with him and urged him to consider the message. His anger faded as he gave me his contact information and asked me to send him a book on Messianic prophecy.

“The next day a Jewish man named Nati* called our office and said his wife found our literature on their car. He said that they once visited a Messianic congregation in Tiberias and liked it. They are not yet believers in Yeshua, but asked if there’s a congregation in this area. I sent their information to one of our volunteers who invited them to his congregation. Nati and his wife came to their service that very Shabbat! Please pray for the salvation of this couple.”

Valera reports: “Before we started phoning people to ask if they wanted a copy of the New Testament, one of our chaplains, David, read Scriptures to us. God’s Word really touched my heart and I prayed that these Scriptures would be fulfilled in my life. After a few conversations, I got two contacts. Then David and his wife Leah (our other chaplain) came to pray with us. Soon after, we received contact info from two more people. God continued to work powerfully as I got three more contacts. After lunch when we were calling we got six more contacts. Through prayer and persistence we received information from eleven people who wanted to receive the New Testament. James 5:16b—the effective prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

Tanya reports: “Before lunch I had many difficult phone conversations. People were cursing at me and hanging up. I was disappointed, but decided I would continue to rejoice. After lunch, I had conversations with three people who were very open to the gospel. One lady, Olga,* asked for a book and said she would be waiting for it. She also requested a book for her sister. Slava Boga! (That means “Praise the Lord” in Russian).

Tatiana reports, “I connected with a woman who had heard about the gospel before. She was intrigued by the name of the book I offered (A Lawyer Proves the Existence of God), and asked that I be very careful in writing down her address so she can receive it. I offered to pray for the woman, and she gladly accepted. As I prayed, the woman began to cry and said she was so touched that she’ll never forget that Jews for Jesus called her.”

Rahel reports, “I was entering contact information on our data base when I came across an unknown address. I called Galya* to get her right address, not knowing if would be able communicate with her, since she speaks Russian only. The woman who answered the phone was a friend who just popped in to visit. This friend also spoke Hebrew! I wasn’t sure if Galya would appreciate my telling her friend I’m calling with Jews for Jesus, so, I just told her my name. She immediately asked, ‘Are you with Valery?’ (my Russian-speaking colleague who got the contact). It turns out that Galya had just been telling her about the conversation with Valery, and she was intrigued. I was able to get the right address in Hebrew so we can send further info, and it was encouraging to see how word is spreading.”

Stephen reports, “We met a twenty-year-old woman, Naomi,* who first received the gospel from high school friends. She also dated a German believer. Her faith began to grow, but when she broke up with her boyfriend, she kind of left her faith behind. She told us it wasn’t a coincidence that we met, and that in her heart, she still believes. She wanted us to send her a copy of the New Testament.”

Dinah Sered reports, “Volunteer Barbie (from Argentina) and I were running errands and speaking Spanish when a woman, Rahellie,* asked us where we were from. At lunch we bumped into her again and we shared the gospel with her. She seemed interested, so I offered to do a Bible study with her. She gave me her number so I could call her back.”

Igal reports, “We set up a free literature table near the beach and had a lot of great conversations—but only six people gave their contact information. We were about to wrap up and I asked the Lord for more contacts. Just then, in the last four minutes, I shared the gospel with a woman who was extremely interested in the gospel. She gave me her information so we could be in touch with her, and she took a book home. I felt like God had given us the perfect number of seven contacts.”

Laura added: “When we first got there, Igal met Ari,* a guy I met a week earlier. Then I showed up and Ari told me that he had shared our conversation with an entire class of new immigrants from Russia. He said they were all interested to hear more, and he asked if he should collect all of their names and phone numbers for Igal. Would she be willing to call them all? She said, ‘Sure!’ So it seems we now have an unbelieving Israeli missionary helping us!

Laura also said, “I was expecting more openness from the South Shore population by the sea (mainly Ashkelon and Ashdod), especially after last summer’s intense conflict. I was surprised that we were often met with indifference and anger. The ground seems hard here, but the gospel seed has been faithfully sown. Our team attempted more than 12,000 phone calls and actually connected with 4,416 people. We also handed out 28,525 pieces of gospel literature, and estimate that as we held up banners in high traffic areas, people in @82,000 cars were able to see our message. We prayed with one Jewish person who professed faith in Yeshua. Please pray for fruitful follow up, and that God will soften the ground so the seeds we sowed can take root.”


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