The Israeli Massah team has arrived in India!

Photo: Jews for Jesus/David Minsky

The Israeli Massah team has arrived in India! Please read and share the stories of two Israelis there who received the New Testament after hearing the gospel.

Team member Boris reports, “We met Batia* on a rainy street corner in Pushkar. One of our team members, Gefen, has known her from childhood days on the kibbutz. Batia began talking to us about Hinduism and Hindu mythology and I replied about the similarities between mythologies from different cultures worldwide. After awhile she asked about the differences between those myths and the stories from the New Testament.

“We had a great conversation about how Yeshua’s resurrection was a fact that changed lives, including giving His followers the courage to die for the sake of spreading the truth of Messiah. We went on to explain that God is loving, full of mercy and grace, and that our relationship with Him comes from His act of eternal love. Batia then wanted to know our personal stories about how we came to believe. After hearing them, she genuinely asked how she could know God. I replied that she has to honestly open her heart in a true personal prayer and ask God to show her the truth, to guide so that she can receive His gift of salvation through Yeshua. We went back to the guesthouse and gave her one of the last New Testament books we had.

“Batia was happy and exited have her own copy of the New Testament with a personal dedication. She has one of the most honest, simply true and genuine, open hearts I ever met in my life. The only God she’d heard of was a God whose restricting rules must be followed out of fear of displeasing Him. When we told her about a loving, personal, close, full of mercy and holy God, who died for us, she almost burst in tears.

“We met Shmuly* at the hangout in Manali. We were enjoying our dinner as he walked in, looking around for his friends. We invited him to our table and he joined us. We started small talk as the manager of the place invited me to play several songs. When I was done, all of Shmuly’s friends joined our table (six people), and started to ask about my shirt, which has the slogan, “His name is Jesus.” Shmuly was very curious about the gospel; we spent about an hour talking about God and reading with him some passages from the Torah. Shmuly asked us for a New Testament, which we gave him the next day, with a personal dedication, a bunch of prophecies and my e-mail.”
Please pray for the salvation of Batia and Shmuly. They are just a couple of the Israelis in India who are hearing about Jesus right now. During their first week in India, this Massah team had 74 interactions (they were able to mention briefly that they are Jews who believe in Yeshua—Jesus) and 123 conversations (people were willing to chat more about spiritual things). Many Israelis they talked are into Eastern religions. Three people accepted the book, Death of a Guru, the strong story of a former Hindu who trained as a yogi, but whose search for truth led him to Christ.  

*Not their real names


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