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Last month we told you that our next Behold Your God Israel campaign was fast approaching, but we didn’t want to tell you how fast!  Now we are ready to report on the campaign, to give an update on Massah South America and, finally, to note the passing of an exceptional man of God.

Behold Your God Israel

Thank you for praying!  Training for the campaign in the North Shore region of Israel took place from August 15-21 and the campaign itself ran from August 22 through September 6. We are now at the halfway point in our goal of reaching the twelve regions of Israel with intensive evangelistic campaigns. We thank the Lord, and we thank you, our prayer partners, for bringing us this far. We are especially grateful for our staff and volunteers who have given so much to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people in Israel!

During this last campaign, 629 Jewish seekers and 42 Gentile seekers gave us their contact information to hear more about Jesus. Also, five Jews and three Gentiles professed faith in Jesus during the campaign. Broadsides were not a major component of the campaign, but we still handed out 5,950. We gave out 34,545 Parking tickets” (gospel brochures left on parked cars, which is legal in Israel). Campaigners attempted 8,069 phone calls and completed 3,189. Click here for some reports from the field.

Massah South America

Sergio, leader of our work in Brazil, reports, “The Massah team arrived here in Rio on September first and left on the tenth. Their time here was refreshing and motivating. Unfortunately, this is not the peak time that Israelis come to Brazil, and none of the team speaks Portuguese, so they were not able to have many conversations.

“Still it was a good time of training in our office, and the fellowship and discipleship were very important, especially since several team members finished their military service very recently and are processing much of what happened as well as wondering about the future.

“They were able to do 7 sorties during their time here, and they handed out 7,450 broadsides and got 14 contacts, including three Jewish seekers.”

The team left Rio and went on to Peru, where they are currently at a guesthouse where many Israelis pass through. Please keep them in prayer. We hope to have some stories for you (and maybe some photos) next month.

High Holidays in Heaven

Last month we asked prayer for ministry during this holiday season. From Chicago, Micha Cohen reports: “Hallelujah! God is in the saving business and He is to be praised! After speaking with a man named Michael, we arranged for me to visit Gary, Michael’s brother, at the rest home. When I first looked into his room, I was a bit intimidated since the whole family was gathered around. I timidly knocked on the door and asked if Michael was there. He was and he introduced me to his family.

“He asked me to come outside the room to talk for a minute, and we prayed that God would save his brother Gary. I went inside and Michael brought me by the bed and woke up his brother, and I asked if I could read some from Isaiah 53. I read verses 4–6, and explained the gospel to him.

“Michael asked me to tell his brother about the sacrifices and the Jewish holidays, so I told Gary how, each year at Yom Kippur, God told us to sacrifice animals as an atonement, and how it all pointed forward to Jesus’ sacrifice for us, and if we trust in Him we can be made right with God. Gary asked how he could do that. I read another Scripture, explained the gospel, and asked if there was any reason why he wouldn’t want to pray to do that right now, and he said no, no reason not to. And by God’s grace he prayed to put his trust in Jesus’ sacrifice!

“The next day I called Michael, and he had already checked to see if Gary understood and still believed, and he said yes! Gary passed away very soon afterwards. Praise God for saving him right on time!”

Speaking of Heaven…

On Sunday, September 12, Dr. Vernon Grounds, aged 96, passed peacefully into the presence of Jesus.  Well known as the man who served Denver Seminary for over 60 years as academic dean, second president, president emeritus, and chancellor, Dr. Grounds also held a special place of honor and affection within Jews for Jesus. He was a friend and encourager to Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen when Moishe was still a baby believer.  He was one of the earliest members of our Board of Directors and served faithfully for as long as his health permitted, after which he remained a respected member of our Circle of Directors. His godly wisdom, humility, and love affected all who knew him. Please pray for his lovely wife, Anne, and for all the family and friends who will miss him so dearly. Click here for more about Dr. Grounds.


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