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This is Isaac, reporting live from an undisclosed location in India!  We have just traveled twenty hours straight on a jeep ride from Leh, our first location as a Mobile team, where we spent the last two weeks doing ministry and living life with Israelis. I am pleased to report to you all that it was indeed incredible.

When we started talking about extending the Massah program in this way, we, along with a lot of other people, were quite skeptical about what would come of it, or if it was even possible. There were a lot of ups and downs in the formation and preparation of Massah Mobile, but God knew exactly what He was doing. After spending these last few weeks with this team, living life with them and making ourselves available to be used by God in this way, I can say that there is no place on earth I’d rather be. God is so powerful and so sovereign, and it is so obvious that He is leading us into the core of His heart and His will on this journey.

In our two weeks in Leh, we were able to play about ten music concerts for hundreds of Israelis and others, as well as talk about our songs and their (gospel) meanings. We also gave out CDs of our music to people who were interested in talking to us. About 50 of those people were willing to have significant conversations with us about the gospel and our personal walks of faith, and we remain in touch with just about all of them through Facebook and other means of communication. We interacted with dozens more in whom seeds were planted, and many of them received CDs of our music. Among those people we made several very close friends whom we love dearly, and they were sad to see us go. Some traveled to our new location at the same time we did, and we will have more chances to connect with them. Please pray for Naama, Rotem, Chen and Ayelet, who we are continuing to meet and interact with on this journey

Please continue to pray for health, discernment of God’s Spirit, and an ever-increasing ministry dynamic among the six of us. We are so thankful for your prayers. We cannot express that enough.”

And here’s a report from Remy, Rachelle Trank’s “little” brother, who just turned twenty during this journey:

“It was a Monday, which is our weekly debrief, intercessory prayer, worship and reflection day. God had other plans. We woke as usual, prayed for our day, and set off to our favorite and faithful breakfast caf?. We ate. We lingered—surrounded by familiar faces that we had become accustomed to seeing every morning for the past two-and-a-half weeks; many of whom we had become quite close to and had shared the gospel with multiple times. We prepared to open up our Bibles and discuss Acts amongst ourselves, as we also had done every day.

“We made a new friend, Rotem. She had come to the caf? to meet up with another Israeli, Mi’chal whom we had shared with extensively and have become very close to. Mi’chal wasn’t there, so Rotem asked to sit near us, since she had heard us play the night before and knew that we were close friends with Mi’chal. Within minutes I was emerged into an explanation of who we are as Messianic Jews, how we live our lives, and how Jesus makes sense for Jewish people. Isaac continued the conversation, taking over theologically, and was dialoguing back and forth with Rotem (who is secular, but well-educated on biblical writing).  A Frenchman named Bruno (who just wanted to irritate Isaac) was throwing random questions and accusations into the discussion. Eventually, most of the seating-patio was engaged in their debate. Isaac held his own very well. Bruno eventually left. Time passed as I shared my story and the testimonies of both of my parents, at the questioning and prompting of Rotem. Before she left, Rotem said that she was very happy to have sat with us and that she enjoyed our conversation very much. She thanked me for opening myself up to her; we exchanged Facebook info and said goodbye.

“Due to the incredible opportunities to share the gospel, we did not discuss Acts that morning as planned. We reconvened a little while later in Sterling’s and my room for a time of worship and prayer, and Sterling had prepared to give us his story (we’ve been taking turns).

We’d gone through one worship song, when we hear a knock on the door. It is Mi’chal. She says how happy she is to see us (she found us by following distant music to our door), and how worried she was that we had left and hadn’t been able to say goodbye. After some group-picture-taking she pronounces how odd it is that she feels so connected to us, and how much she is going to miss us. We feel the same, but we know why.

“I let her know that we were actually spending a time of worship through song and that she was welcome to stay. We spent the next hour in worship as our Israeli friend observed, with an expression of awe and calm. When we finished, Sterling explained that it was his turn to share his personal story and tell how God had been at work in his life. He invited her to stay if she liked, and she was very happy to do so. Mi’chal listened as Sterling told the background of his parents’ stories, his childhood, the pain, hurt, confusion, healing, call, and acceptance of a life committed to following Jesus. As he finished, I explained to Mi’chal that after someone shares, we like to pray over them. After we each prayed over Sterl, Mi’chal, with tears in her eyes, thanked us for allowing her to be a part of ‘such a beautiful moment between friends.’ We told her we were happy to have her there, and many hugs were exchanged all around. More tears as Mi’chal told us how blown away she was by our friendships and our love for her. We explained that THAT is the love of Jesus. We invited her to join us for dinner, and she came. We did not debrief. We did not reflect. We did not have our time of intentional intercessory prayer. God had other plans, so we went with it. Please pray for Rotem (professional from Tel Aviv) and dear Mi’chal (married student from Haifa). God is tugging at their hearts; join us in warring for their salvation.”


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