RealTime September 2005

Message from David Brickner: Shalom From Mississippi
September 1, 2005

I thought that in light of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, my trip might well be postponed. However, the pastors of both churches where I was scheduled to speak assured me that I was most welcome and that the congregations would be encouraged to hear from Jews...

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Pray for Jewish Believers Persecuted by Orthodox Sect in Israel

Arad is a small city in Israel, near Beersheba. It has a diverse population: some are native-born Israelis (Sabras), some are American Jews who have immigrated, some are Jewish immigrants from Russia, and others are Bedouin Arab who are citizens and support the State...

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Behold Your God Update!

Behold Your God PHILADELPHIA has just gotten underway! Campaign leader Bruce Rapp reports, We were still on the street having just finished a midday sortie (tract-passing expedition) and Geoff Robinson was commenting on how many people had approached him to ask...

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Next Month’s Jewish Holidays

Check out our web site to see if Jews for Jesus is holding services near you, send free Jewish holiday e-cards, or just browse to learn more about the holidays. This October, Jews for Jesus will be holding our annual fall holiday services at our branches. You...

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Staff News

Valerie Bouaziz is one of our staff in Israel. Her father recently passed away, and this on the heels of her mother’s death this past year. Please keep Valerie and her family in your prayers. As previously mentioned, Ellen Zaretsky, part of our Los Angeles...

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Finally: The Long-Awaited Field Guide!
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What is a Messianic congregation? What can you tell me about the Hebrew Roots groups? What does Torah-observant” mean? Why the need for specific Jewish missions? For answers to these questions and more, consult The Messianic Movement: A Field Guide for...

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Behold Your God, Baltimore!

Stephen Katz reports, One of our campaigners, Mike Adams, gets around in a motorized wheel chair. He has a disease that causes him excruciating pain, but he came to serve the Lord through doing Jewish evangelism with us. By the way, the guy never complains—he inspired...

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Behold Your God, Budapest!

Igor Barbanel reports, On the first day of the campaign, I came out of my apartment and heard a voice saying in English, ‘Nice T-shirt!’ I turned around and saw a young girl who lived one floor below. She turned out to be a believer. Her name is Leticia...

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Behold Your God, Pittsburgh!

Campaign leader Garrett Smith reports, A Christian involved in media suggested that I call one of the larger public relations firms in the city. Frankly I did not think it would amount to anything, but I called nonetheless. The woman I spoke to clearly could not...

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