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We had ten of these signs at various bus stops in predominantly Jewish areas of Denver. We know of at least one Jewish seeker, Jody, who called as a result.

Using placards at busy intersections in Jewish areas was another way of reaching commuters. Gotta love the “yield” sign near Karol. Victoria was also among the several smiling, waving placard holders.

Jeff Millenson, from our San Francisco Headquarters, came to lead music at chapels and occasionally, as you see here, outdoors. Between songs, he and Robyn took turns inviting people to consider Jesus.

Thanks to support from local Christians, we had a book table nearly every day at the University in Boulder. Heather, who will begin our missionary training soon with an eye toward youth work, was often assigned this position.

We also had people outdoors on campus: Here’s Jeff handing out tracts…

…and explaining to Robyn where to find the booktable:

Co-laborer Penny Abrahamson (from Portland) engaging a Boulder student:

Here’s a discarded broadside tract:

Campaign leader Robyn interviewing Chaim Urbach, the son of one of the people on our Survivor Stories video, following a public showing at the University at Boulder:

Second in command, Larry, engaging people at the 16th street mall.

Robyn interacting with people outside the “Taste of Colorado” festival:

But our broadsides were not to this couple’s “taste”: