We broke our record in India!


  • 921 interactions
  • 522 conversations
  • 95 contacts
  • 34 Bible studies
  • 34 New Testaments given away


We were blown away by these numbers, reported by our Israeli Massah team. We’ve never seen so many Israeli travelers in India pursue conversations with us about Jesus over just a few short weeks.

Eli Birnbaum, the head of our international Massah program (Hebrew for journey), said, “This year we had young leaders who really took charge: it was our strongest training program ever, and a very diverse team. It was our third time taking young Israelis to India to share the gospel with other Israelis there, and this was a breakthrough year for us.

Massah is a short-term ministry program designed for young Jewish believers who want to be mentored and discipled, to bond with each other in community, and to follow God’s calling as witnesses to the Jewish people. We just completed our sixth season of Massah with all Israeli participants — and our teams have taken their outreach not only to India, but to Israel and South America as well.

India is an ideal place for sharing the gospel with young Israelis. One of our Israeli Massah leaders, Danielle, said of the team’s last week spent in the Indian city of Rishikesh: “Because Rishikesh is the ‘Yoga Capital,’ so much time and energy is spent talking about religion and spirituality.”

While keeping track of stats helps us measure our effectiveness, it’s really the stories of each person who heard the gospel through Jews for Jesus that encourages us most.

Massah team member Sahar had a deep conversation with two young women from Beersheba he met at a coffee shop in Manali, whose names were Anya and Adi*. Sahar said: “I explained to them that Jesus is God in the flesh. We opened the Bible, and looked at Genesis, Isaiah, and other places where it speaks of God appearing in a physical way. They were very interested and also wanted to meet again once we get home to continue to investigate these things. It was amazing to see how people get so excited when they are discovering God for the first time!”

Another team member, Yonatan, spoke with an Israeli named David*. “David is very into eastern religion,” he said. “Anything from Reiki and astrology to meditation and yoga. I shared the gospel with him and I really felt that God gave me very specific questions to challenge him with. David admitted that the things we talked about he had really never thought about before.”

Please pray for Anya, Adi, and David, as they continue their travels and eventually return home to Israel, that the God of Israel would meet them in a very powerful way.

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*Not their real names


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