Simone Parkas holds a cutout from a community art project that’s bringing the gospel to Chicago’s Wicker Park

Every day for the first two weeks of October, our Chicago branch is hitting the streets of Wicker Park, a neighborhood of Chicago known for its counterculture and arts scene. We’ve been handing out postcards and tea, as well as conducting a community art project and holding two local evangelistic events.

Missionary David Randle, who is leading the outreach, said, “The young people in Wicker Park are searching for meaning and for something spiritual, and a lot of them have never heard the gospel. We’ve had so many people who see our table by the train station and will just come up to us and say, ‘I’m Jewish – will you tell me what this is all about?”

Engaging in conversations in Wicker Park

Simone Parkas (pictured above), a college student who serves with Jews for Jesus as associate staff, talked with a young Jewish man from Costa Rica named Jake*, who was in Chicago and hoping to experience Jewish culture during his travels. “He had never met a Jewish believer in Jesus before,” Simone said, “And he asked me to share with him why we believe what we do. He gave me his contact information and will hopefully attend one of our branch events before he heads home.”

Our team has invited people to decorate giant foam letters that spell out “We “In just a few hours, we will have over 50 people come and participate with the community art project, and sometimes they get really into it!” reported Simone. “It’s a great chance to connect with people over something we both care about – their neighborhood.”

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*Not his real name