613 to 3:16


Our joint London and Paris outreach is off to a great start in London, where we have been engaging with Jewish people during the High Holy Days. These feasts are an ideal time for us to connect with our people around the world, who are in the middle of reflecting and repenting.
The theme for the outreach, 613 to 3:16, refers to the 613 commandments of Rabbinical Judaism taken from the Torah (the five books of Moses), and then to the words of Jesus in John 3:16.

London branch missionary Ziggy Rogoff and volunteer Sergio witness to an Orthodox man.

Campaign leader Karl DeSouza reports:

“We’ve had an opportunity to speak into the Orthodox Jewish community, and many of the people we’ve spoken to have never heard the gospel before. They know what 613 refers to; it refers to the Torah. But they don’t know about the 3:16 part, and so we want to connect the Torah with Jesus. During the holidays, people are thinking about repentance and forgiveness, and we want them to know that they can have assurance of both through Jesus the Messiah.” 

Alexandra, a volunteer on the campaign from the Detroit area, had a long conversation with an Orthodox man, and before they parted ways she offered to send him a copy of the New Testament. His response was: “If I read that book, my wife would divorce me.”

Would you pray for the Orthodox Jewish community in London, that God would replace the fear of rejection from the community with an even stronger longing to know the truth about the Messiah?

Watch Ziggy, a Brittish Messianic Jew, explain the connection between 613 and 3:16!


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