Moscow campaign wrap up

Pictured on the right is one of 826 people who gave their contact information to hear more about Jesus!

Maxim, our Moscow leader reports, “Our two-week campaign ended with 39 people newly professing faith in Jesus. 14 of the new believers are Jewish! Also, 524 Jewish people who don’t yet know Jesus gave us their contact information to hear more, and so did 302 Gentiles.  We handed out 223,888 gospel broadsides (tracts). God even used our opposition to spread His message. A group had posted a picture of one of our broadsides online (complete with our contact information), warning people not to take them—but instead of causing fewer people to take our tracts, it resulted in some good discussions across various social networks.

Ilya preached at the Rosh Hashanah service

“About 90 people came to our Rosh Hashanah celebration; probably 20 for the first time. Our campaigners recognized many of them as people they’d met on the streets during the week. I gave an altar call and six people prayed to receive the Lord. Praise God! We also had a Yom Kippur event; 115 attended, again, 20 for the first time—mostly people our campaigners had invited during sorties (tract-passing expeditions). Five people (4 Jewish and 1 gentile) answered the altar call. Praise God!

“Please pray for continued follow-up as we contact the 524 Jewish people who were willing to hear more from us. About half of those we’ve contacted so far are between 18 and 22 years old.”

Here are a few highlights from the campaign:

Larissa reports, “I finally got to go to Pushkinskaya station, where I had lots of conversations, particularly with Jewish people. Two policemen asked what I was doing. I shared the gospel with them and one said, ‘It is probably not very comfortable to stand here. If you would go over there it would be better for you to do what you are doing.’ I listened to them, and a few minutes later a young Armenian woman approached me with one of our broadsides in her hand. She said, ‘I want to pray. There is a prayer on the back of your flyer; can I pray now or do I have to wait?’ I said a brief silent prayer, then led her in prayer as she received Jesus into her heart—right in the middle of the crowded underground crossing! Praise God!”

Svetlana reports, “I set a personal daily goal for myself to try to get contact information from ten Jewish people who would be willing to hear more about Jesus. One day I received only 8, so the next day I wanted to meet my daily goal, plus “catch up” for the two people I missed the day before. I prayed and, even though at first it went slowly, by the end of the day I had spoken to not 12 but 15 Jewish seekers willing to give me their contact information! I praise God for answering prayers!”

Moscow branch leader Maxim (right) at the Rosh Hashanah service

Natalia reports, “A young woman came up to me, smiling, and said she was very happy to see my Jews for Jesus T-shirt. She had never heard about us. Her mother was Jewish and she was very interested. She gave me her contact info and promised to come to our Shabbat meeting the next day. While we were still talking, I noticed a young man waiting to speak to me. When the girl left, he told me his mother also was Jewish, and he, too, gave me his contact information.”

Marina reports, “On our way to a sortie I noticed a woman staring at me, obviously angry. I approached her and she said, ‘I am Jewish and I am ashamed of you.’ She turned out to be Orthodox and knew the Scriptures pretty well. Surprisingly, she left me her contact information. When I asked if she’d ever heard about Jews for Jesus, she said, ‘Of course I have! Orthodox Jews in Moscow have been constantly talking about you during the last weeks!’

“One day a music group was playing near my sortie spot. The guy who was selling their CDs came over to ask me about Jesus. He had tried various groups, including Buddhists and Krishna followers. I told him that Jesus is the Savior and the only one who gives eternal life. I shared the gospel with him and he responded, ‘I want it. I want Jesus to live in my heart!’ He prayed the sinner’s prayer, and then I prayed for him and blessed him. After that he wanted to do something nice for me and he gave me one of the CDs he was selling.”

Dmitri reports, “As I was doing follow-up work, I called one lady who had given her name and phone number, but no address. I told her I understood she was interested to know more, and would she give me her address so I could her some information? She agreed, but then suggested, ‘Or maybe we could meet and you would give me that literature in person?’ We met a few hours later in a subway station. She was 48 years old and her father was Jewish. She used to read the Bible and also had attended the Russian Orthodox Church. She told me that she believed in Jesus, but when I asked if she was sure that her sins were forgiven, she asked, ‘How can I be sure?’ I quoted a few Bible verses, and explained how Jesus is the atoning sacrifice and that, in Him, we can have eternal life. I asked if she wanted to pray and to ask for God’s forgiveness. She didn’t want to pray in the station, which was crowded and noisy, but she promised to come to our Shabbat meeting. She was also willing to meet with one of our missionaries to talk more about God.”

Please pray as the work of follow-up continues, that God will continue His work in the hearts of those who have already prayed to receive Him.


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