Amsterdam mini-campaign

photos by Niek Stam

Our wonderful volunteer, Asaf Pelled, had a vision to reach out to the Jewish people—and especially the many Israelis—in Amsterdam. He organized a mini-campaign and two of our Budapest staff, Ildiko and Daniel, joined his team for six days. The team had 70 gospel conversations and received contact information from 10 Jews and 24 Gentiles who want to know more about Jesus. They handed out 19,450 gospel broadsides. One man prayed to receive Jesus; please pray for fruitful follow-up from this outreach!

Ildiko reports, “I was at Dam Square handing out broadside tracts, when a man from Chile accepted one and asked me to tell him more about it. I told him we proclaim the gospel and asked what he thought about Jesus. He said, ‘Nothing special.’ Then I told him the whole gospel and saw his eyes fill with tears. I asked if he was ready to receive Jesus in his heart, and ask Him to forgive his sin. He said yes and we prayed together. I explained that he has a new life, and is now a child of God. His eyes filled with tears again. He told me he has a Bible at home, and gave me his name and email address. At the end of October he will go back to his country. Please pray for him.”

Daniel reports, “An Israeli family stopped on the street and asked about my faith in Yeshua. I shared the gospel with them and they wanted to know if someone had pressured me or I decided to believe on my own. This was a great opportunity to share my story. When I said that the New Testament is a Jewish book written by Jews to other Jews they were very interested. I gave them a copy and they thanked me and went on. After a few minutes the woman returned and asked me another question! I pray God will continue speaking to her heart.”

Willem reports, “While at Dam Square I handed out a tract with ‘Good news from Israel’ to Danielle,* who immediately said that she was Jewish. I was telling her about a Messianic prophesy from Micah, when her husband crossed the street to join us. I thought it might be the end of the conversation but, praise the Lord, it was not! Her husband, Joseph,* also was very friendly and introduced himself. The couple were probably between 25 and 30 years old. Joseph told me that his thinking was not dependent on what others thought. He received the Bible I offered him and gave me his address, so we can send them free information about who we think Jesus is and what He did for us!”

Jakub reports, “I met a friendly backpacker from Turkey in Dam Square. He had plenty of time to talk—I told him my story and he really listened! He mentioned he has a Bible at home and gave me his address. He is open to receive more information about who we think Jesus is and what He did for us!” 

Please pray that God will water all the gospel seed that was planted through this mini-campaign.

*not their real names

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Susan Perlman answering a skeptic


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