More Holiday Happenings

Last month’s RealTime coincided with some major Jewish holidays, and some more cool reports and pics have come in since then!

India: As our Israeli Massah team was wrapping up their time in India, they wanted to celebrate Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles). Team leader Eli Birnbaum reports, “We built a sukkah (booth, or “tabernacle”) at the guest house where we were staying in Dharamsala. (About 100 Israelis are staying there at any given time.) It was a lot of work finding the materials, but it was well worth the effort. Dozens of people walked by and commended us for what we were doing. All the guys in the team worked really hard putting the sukkah together and a few women who were passing by helped my wife Shoshana make decorations. The hero for helping with decorations was a young woman named Miri who seems to have a love-hate relationship with us so far!

“In the evening we invited people to join us for the blessings over the traditional bread and wine. About 25 people showed up. I briefly shared the gospel, relating it to Sukkot. Then we all sat around and sang for about an hour. Many Israelis joined us in our worship songs as well as Hebrew folk songs.”

Ofer Levy, the Israeli staff member who
connected with Yosef at our Yom Kippur service
Isaac Brickner distributing our
“honey stick postcards.”

Los Angeles: Tuvya Zaretsky reports: “An Israeli seeker, ‘Yosef*’ showed up at the Los Angeles Yom Kippur service. He first heard about Jews for Jesus in his home town, Tel Aviv. In fact, one of our Israeli staff had given him a Hebrew copy of Stan Telchin’s story book, ‘Betrayed.’ So, when he came to L.A. he called our office and got info about the Yom Kippur service. There he met Israeli staff member Ofer Levy. Yosef described himself as ‘more than a seeker.’ Please pray for his salvation.”

New York: Rachel Friedlander reports: “We held an outreach on the Upper West Side the day before Rosh Hashanah. We handed out literature and honey sticks, wished passersby a happy new year, and asked, ‘What would sweeten your new year?’ Here’s a blog I wrote about the outreach.”

“We also had a gathering for Sukkot. It was small, in the backyard of our residences. We set up a large booth there, and the staff invited friends and seekers to attend for food, a little lulav shaking, and a brief talk/prayer time. About 35 people gathered for a good time of building community and relationships.”

*Not his real name


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