RealTime October 2013

A Video from David Brickner: Special Interview with a Sister Organization in Israel
October 11, 2013

Watch this exciting video message from David with guests Eitan Bar and Stefan Silver from the “One for Israel.” Check it out: Read David’s article about what it might have been like being one of Jesus’ half...

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More Holiday Happenings
October 10, 2013

Last month’s RealTime coincided with some major Jewish holidays, and some more cool reports and pics have come in since then! India: As our Israeli Massah team was wrapping up their time in India, they wanted to celebrate Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles). Team leader...

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40th Anniversary Fun
October 9, 2013

On September 17, Jews for Jesus was officially 40 years old! Maybe you saw the video last month as we were anticipating the celebration. If not you can view it here.

For a unifying theme to celebrate, we wanted all our branches to enjoy the day with prayer, evangelism and sharing a meal together. Within that framework, our branches and our headquarters teams celebrated in diverse ways.

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October 8, 2013

Our team of twelve Israeli believers in Jesus ended their journey having had 270 gospel interactions (explaining that they are Jews who believe in Jesus); 305 gospel conversations (having some interaction concerning belief in Jesus) and 40 visits (a lengthy conversation where the gospel is discussed more in depth, including mention of Scriptures).

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Latest Israel Outreach
October 7, 2013

Tel Aviv branch leader Vlad Mitnitsky explains the Akko festival and what we did there; various team members give highlights of the outreach.

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October 6, 2013

“Stories of Jews for Jesus,” presents 23 dynamic salvation sagas plus three apologetics appendices spanning 500-plus pages.

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Breaking News from Last Week’s Council Meeting
October 5, 2013

Our October 2013 council meeting had a definite international emphasis. We discussed a great many things, but were particularly excited to discuss: Our growing work in Israel, and the growing evangelistic opportunities we have as a result of the Moishe Rosen Center as...

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Also in this Edition

Also in this Edition
October 4, 2013

• New Care Coverage • “Life from the Dead” campaigns • Who says Jews can believe in Jesus? • Seasonal Broadsides • Massah team tells about adventures in India New Care Coverage Yeshuacare Has Arrived The United States government has now shut down. One...

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