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Bearing and Sharing

Bearing one another’s burdens: Thursday, October 2, Melanie Rose’s father, Morrie, passed away. Melanie, a Jewish believer in Jesus, has been part of our administrative staff in Chicago for many years. She had visited her father just recently, and asked if he remembered praying to receive Yeshua (Jesus) with Tuvya Zaretsky. Morrie answered yes. Melanie’s brother has recently prayed to receive Yeshua, while her sister has not yet done so. Please keep the family in payer as they grieve.

Sharing our joy: Last month we asked you to pray for a safe and healthy delivery for Paige Olson, wife of Amer, who leads our Chicago branch. Here you can see Paige and new daughter Samantha Violet Olson, who was born Saturday September 20, at 8:49 PM (U.S. Central time), weighing in at eight pounds.

Behold Your God Israel Update

Halloween Broadside

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Despite the difficulties our evangelists have encountered in the Upper Galilee, we are encountering many who want to know more about Jesus. The number of tracts we can hand out in the small towns we are reaching are fairly low ( 31,300 as of Tuesday, October 14), but it is still important for us to be out in public in order to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people in this part of Israel. In addition to handing out tracts, we have reached 11,364 people by phone, and met 1,714 people through door knocking.

Thus far 36 Jewish and 4 Gentiles have prayed with us to receive the Lord. 1,722 Jews and 66 Gentiles have given us their contact information to hear more.

Click here for stories and photographs from the campaign.


SHOUT stands for Summer Holiday OUTreach, and our Sydney branch will be having their first ever SHOUT this November/December. Pray for the many young Jewish adults from around the world who will be participating, and for all the logistics that need to be settled.


Last year, from September 3-9, the city of Warsaw, Poland, hosted a Jewish cultural festival, just before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. We sent a team of four Jewish believers in Jesus and two German believers in Jesus. Once there, we were joined by some Polish Christians who have a desire to see the gospel brought to our Jewish people, and who have a desire to see the gospel proclaimed to the Polish people from Jewish lips.

This year, we returned to Warsaw for a similar outreach. Our team included eight Jewish Christians, as well as two German and six Polish Christians. Together they handed out 32,000 broadsides, received contact information for eighteen Jewish seekers and 94 Gentile seekers. One person, a Gentile, prayed with us to receive the Lord. And this time we have some photos to share . . .

Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers to reach Warsaw, Poland Beautiful smiles make it easy for people to take the gospel literature...
...which sometimes leads to earnest conversation . . . and a willingness to give contact information to hear more.


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