Behold Your God Israel: the Upper Galilee campaign

One passerby wants to know, "Ma zeh?" (What is this?)
Two girls share one of our gospel broadsides… but most read them on their own.
Talking with a homeless man about Jesus.
Campaigners had many animated conversations…

…some of which led to seekers giving their contact information.

Moti’s team was at the beach by the Galilee, going from one tent to the next, sharing the gospel with those who were interested. In one tent a young women said she used to be a Christian but had converted to Judaism. Moti spoke to her for 30 minutes. At first she was quite opposed to the message, but as the conversation continued, she admitted that what he said sounded logical. By the end of the conversation, her attitude had completely changed and she expressed interest in being in touch with us.

One day, Abra (who emigrated to Israel from the U.S.) was struggling with her Hebrew. She knew she was making a lot of mistakes and felt embarrassed and humbled. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, she had twelve contacts from people who wanted to know more about Jesus!

One woman to whom Abra offered a free New Testament via telephone replied, "Well, I’m very religious and I believe in God and the Tanakh [Old Testament]." Abra asked if she had read the Takakh. The woman admitted that she had read only a little. Abra explained, "Well the Brit Chadasha (New Testament) is a good way to understand the Tanakh." The woman replied, "Okay, send it to me!"

Maya is very ill. She has no television or radio, lives alone and seldom answers the phone. Yet she managed to answer when Ilya called. As he spoke to her, she began to cry. He told her that he had good news for her because Messiah came to take our sins so that we don’t have to be judged by God. By the end of the phone call, she prayed to receive Jesus.

Ilya also spoke to a young woman named Larissa who was raised as an atheist. After hearing about sin, judgment and God’s offer of salvation, she began to reflect for the first time on the fact that she had done wrong and needed God’s forgiveness. She too prayed to repent and receive forgiveness through Jesus.

Eddyk offered Moshe a copy of the New Testament over the telephone, and asked if he knew the meaning of the word "Messiah." When he said, "Yes, I know," Eddyk asked, "Do you know WHO the Messiah is?" Moshe quickly changed the subject, saying that he was having a difficult time because his wife had died. When Eddyk told him that he also had lost his wife, Moshe became silent. Eddyk then explained that the Messiah could give him real comfort. Moshe replied, "Okay send me this book." Eddyk prayed for Moshe and concluded the phone call by reading him a psalm.

Angelina offered a New Testament to a woman who had been in a concentration camp. Since Angelina’s grandparents had also been in a concentration camp, she was silent for a moment because she was very moved. The woman then explained that after she had been taken by the Nazis, she had a baby in the concentration camp. Later, her husband died of dysentery. Angelina’s grandparents had also had a baby in the concentration camp and Angelina again felt overwhelmed and found it difficult to continue. Nevertheless she was able to say, "Many people used Yeshua’s name to justify evil things, but Yeshua did not cause these things." By the end of the conversation, the woman was ready to receive a New Testament and hear more about Jesus.

Ofer took part of the team up to Metullah, near the Lebanese border and they started to go door-to-door. Many of the families gladly received them, took gospels and wanted to be in touch with us later on. One family that had two sons in the army invited the team in for a drink and wanted to hear more then and there. The team was able to share with them for some ten minutes, and left them with the New Testament, which they said they were going to read.

A campaigner helps hold onto her partner’s tract bag as they are approached by our loyal opposition, one of whom seems willing to have an actual conversation.
Occasionally, drivers pull over to ask what we are about.

In the market

A soldier stops for a moment to listen in on this Israeli couple’s conversation with one of our campaigners.

Several young religious students gather around in attempt to interfere, but the man in plaid continues to discuss the pamphlet with our campaigner.
A relaxing moment by the Sea of Galilee
Just before sunset



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