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Campaigner Kathy was encouraged while handing out tracts at the 69th street subway station. A Jewish believer approached with a big grin on his face. He said that since we’d been in town (it had been three days at the time) he had opportunities to witness to all his Jewish fellow workers because they’ve seen us and have been asking him questions. He promised to pray for us and thanked Kathy over and over.

During the lunch sortie (tract-passing expedition) a couple walked by and the man said ‘no thanks to the broadside offered to them. But the woman asked for one. After they crossed the street she came back and asked about “Jews for Jesus” and what we believe. Her name is Abby, and she come from a Conservative Jewish background. Abby listened very attentively and asked honest questions. She gave her contact info and said she looks forward to reading info from Jews for Jesus.

A young man named Yaniv approached one of our campaigners and said that his grandfather was a rabbi and that he is trying to be Torah observant and keep kosher. Yet, he said, he feels that there is more to God than that. He asked Karen to tell him about “Jesus and God and what is this Jews for Jesus. You must tell me more.” Karen and one of the Jews for Jesus staff on the campaign met with Yaniv and we hope he will be open to further contact. Pray for him to meet his Messiah!

While on campus at Penn one of the local volunteer campaigners dressed up like Isaiah and preached scriptures. He was reciting out of Isaiah 53 when a number or people took notice and began to ask questions.

Many campaigners sensed “a dent in the darkness” towards the end of the campaign. Many of the same people that had seen us over and over and would not take a tract began taking them. One man commented that we had provoked him to curiosity. He said that he was tired of saying no all month and he felt he should see what we have to say.

Campaigners Kristi and Karen dressed up as gypsies and conducted “Free Psalm Readings” on South Street. South Street is a neighborhood that is similar to Haight Ashbury in San Francisco or Greenwich Village in New York. Many were interested in having their Psalm read. Karen would ask the day and month of their birthday and then turn to the corresponding Scripture in the book of Psalms. At one point they had a line of people waiting to have their Psalm read. After about 40 minutes the police came by and told the women they could not have a table to conduct the free readings. No worries, they eliminated the table and stood there inviting those passing by to have their Psalm read. The word of God will not return void!

Some of the campaigners also found that wearing clown wigs increased the number of people who would take their tracts. Karen Meyers went all out, singing and entertaining those who walked by. Passers by couldn’t help smiling and taking her tracts.

Petr B. spent some time in the Russian communities and prayed with Lena, a Jewish woman, to receive Yeshua. Please pray for the follow up that has begun, that many of the Jewish contacts we made would be really interested in searching the Scriptures and discovering Yeshua.

We had some great participation from local ministries and are especially thankful to Ammi Ministries, Rock of Israel and Beth Emmanuel for their ongoing support on the streets and behind the scenes.


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