It’s tough when your kids, grandkids or just kids you care about want to join in a holiday that may cause you to feel ambivalent at best. Some Christians believe that any meanings that may once have been attached to the costumes and trick-or-treating” have long been forgotten and are therefore harmless. Others feel strongly that Christians should have nothing to do with Halloween, not only because of its unholy origins, but also because of how it is celebrated today. Many churches provide alternative “harvest celebrations” on October 31, so that kids will have someplace to go and something to do that is godly instead of ghoulish.

Like Christians, Jewish people do not all agree about Halloween and whether or not it is harmless fun. We thought you might find it interesting to read a perspective from some Jews (who do not believe in Jesus) who do not want their children celebrating Halloween.

Plus, have you ever wished you had an appropriate tract to hand out to trick-or-treaters?

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