photo courtesy of Rachel Friedlander

This month saw the 6th annual meeting of the Children’s, Youth & Young Adult ministries of Jews for Jesus. We’re talking about people who serve behind the scenes and who also dive headfirst into the action when it comes to investing in the next generation of Jews for Jesus.

The meeting was co-convened by David “Moose” Garrett (pictured in the middle row with arms crossed), director of our Children’s and Youth Ministry, and Aaron Abramson (pictured immediately beneath him), director of our Young Adult Ministry.

Moose said, “There was something different in the air this year as we shared so many tangible examples of how our specialized work has become an integral part of our overall Jews for Jesus ministry moving forward. We were excited by the ‘cross-over,’ meaning how many non-specialized staff are joining with us to raise up the next generation of Jews for Jesus… and we are blessed by opportunities to take part in the general missionary work as well.

“We spent two days discussing progress and strategy for the coming year… and with a packed agenda we could have easily met for a third day… so next year we will!

“A note about the group photo: thanks to Rachel Friedlander for her photography skills, but thanks also to a nameless taxi driver who was stopped in traffic and cheering us on to smile. You can see how the group responded to his antics!”

Please pray for our staff who are especially invested in children’s, youth and young adult ministry.