Find two Jews for Jesus Thanksgiving broadsides (gospel tracts) on our Thanksgiving page, and send an e-“Thank You” card featuring the Hebrew word for thanks, “todah.”

(You can also order printed versions of the same cards suitable for mailing).

In today’s secular society, it may surprise you to know that there was ever any controversy surrounding Thanksgiving and Jewish people. But in fact there was. Want to know more?

Don’t be confused by the mention of a “Thanksgiving seder.” While the seder is normally the Passover meal, some more recent Jewish traditions have experimented with the idea of having a “seder” for other holidays, too.


The holiday of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights (also the Festival of Dedication) begins Sunday night, December 9 and lasts for 8 days. What can we say about Hanukkah that hasn’t been said elsewhere? For an Israeli perspective, take a look at the article, “How do you spell Hanukkah?”.

For Hanukkah fun—for kids and kids-at-heart—visit Billy Bear’s Hanukkah where you can construct a Flash jigsaw puzzle.

Then, go over to Zig-Zag World to “build” a Hanukkah menorah of your own:

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