Be sure to visit our Thanksgiving page, where you can read some of our thanksgiving-themed broadsides, or send a virtual Thank You” card featuring the Hebrew word for thanks: “todah.”

You can also order printed “Todah-Thank You” cards suitable for mailing at:

Explore the relationship between the Jewish people and Thanksgiving at “An American Jewish Thanksgiving.” Giving thanks is a Jewish tradition based on the Scriptures. But for some traditional Jews, celebrating the national Day of Thanksgiving can be problematic. Find our why here, and then continue on to a Jewish Thanksgiving service, Jewish Thanksgiving recipes and links to other Jewish Thanksgiving sites. (Please note that Thanksgiving *is* commonly celebrated among most American Jews for whom it is not a problem at all.)

Remember, this Thanksgiving is a good time to pray that your Jewish friends will discover why Yeshua, Jesus, is the ultimate reason to be thankful.