A big thanks to all of you who have prayed for and supported Jews for Jesus, and especially those who have appreciated our Jewish gospel music. You may know that any profit from the sale of our music goes directly back into the missionary work of Jews for Jesus, so when you buy the music we produce, it is a win-win situation. But we have another win-win offer for you. While we will continue to make our newer recordings available to purchase, we would like to offer you a chance to collect some of our vintage music for free, online. So far the following albums are available:

  • This Is Jerusalem
  • David’s Hope
  • Messianic Joy
  • Times & Seasons
  • Yeshua

Download these entire recordings for free…not just 20 second samples of songs, but the whole megillah!

Enjoy! And if you still haven’t purchased a copy of our newest album, Behold Your God, visit Purple Pomegranite Productions.