A Birthday Message from our Israeli Team

Our Israeli team put the above graphic on their Facebook page to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day. Translation: “67 years ago Israel was born again, today is your turn!”

From our Tel Aviv team, here’s a bit more about the team’s Independence Day outreach:

Alex Adelson reports, “This was the 67th time our young, or perhaps I should say modern, country celebrated her birthday! In fact the nation of Israel dates back to Bible times, and I believe this country is the Promised Land reborn, as prophesied in the Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures). Around 2,000 years ago, the Temple, the Jewish center of worship was destroyed with all of Jerusalem, and the people expelled! But God is faithful to His promises, and in 1948, with the establishment of the Jewish state, Israel was born again!

“Even though the nation was, in one sense, born again, most of the people of Israel have not been born again. Only a small minority have received Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah. Therefore, for many years, Jews for Jesus has had a tradition of doing street evangelism on Israel’s Independence Day. This festive and auspicious occasion is a great time to reach out with the gospel message.

“This year, a large group of Jews and others for Jesus (including volunteers from Denmark) spent time at the festivities in Tel Aviv. There we distributed about 4,000 flyers and had conversations with many people about Israel’s Messiah. We met all different kinds of people: religious, secular, and also many tourists.

“Reactions ranged from sincere interest to verbal attacks to open aggression and attempts to grab our flyers! But most people were open, took flyers and even asked about Yeshua. One guy approached me to ask why I was for Yeshua. As is often the custom of our people, I answered his question with a question: ‘Do you know who Yeshua is?’ This opened an opportunity to share my story and some of the prophecies about Yeshua from the Tanakh. We continued our conversation until the fireworks began.”

Valery Bolotov says, “Allelujah! Yes, God really blessed our time. People gladly took our tracts during the evening outreach and very few of them were thrown away. At one point a policewoman sternly told my volunteer, ‘This is illegal. Stop doing it and go away!’ But at once God sent us another policeman who was an angel for us. He instructed her that we were not doing anything illegal. All glory to God that even on Independence Day we still depend on Him!”

Please pray for all those seeds that were sown during Israel’s Independence Day outreach, and for God’s blessings on the four volunteers from Mission Pilots who came from Denmark to bless Israel with the gospel.

Enjoy the photos taken from the outreaches. Our Danish friends had their own T-shirts (the white ones with the life preservers) and literature. The English translation of their shirts is “Yeshua saved me.”


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