The gospel and graffiti

More than ten Israeli graffiti artists came to display their work at our Moishe Rosen Center and only one of them was a believer in Jesus. Between the artists and those who came to view their work, 130 unbelieving Jewish people visited our center during the event, which was held for two nights.

Eli Birnbaum, who, with his wife Shoshana, heads up our Israeli young adult ministry (including many activities at the MRC), reported:

“One of the cool things was that everyone picked up our brochure explaining who we are and how the Rosen Center got its name. (We recently redesigned the brochure so it’s now more professional looking and pocket-sized.) We saw at least fifteen people point to the Jews for Jesus sign or give our brochure to their friends. Some were interested in talking more about what we believe and others just said that they were amazed that we would share our space to do something like this.

“We were reaching out to artists who are marginalized and throughout the event they thanked us for allowing them to exhibit in our space. The timing of the event included Israel’s Independence day so we cooked up some food on the BBQ and ate with some of the artists to celebrate.

“Chaim (my brother, who is an intern with us, and who put together the event) reports: ‘I found all kinds of artists through seeing their names on the street and looking for them online. We were able to share the gospel with many who came. One guy who walked in asked me, “When can I come to a New Testament lesson, and how much it will cost?” [Editor: obviously we do not charge for Bible studies but it’s noteworthy that a seeker was willing to pay to learn about Jesus.]

“‘One artist kept saying goodbye but then would get into another conversation with a believer, not wanting to leave. Later we learned that he had once been homeless and had been picked up and cared for by a family of Jewish believers in Yeshua. He was super excited to meet more of us.'”

It’s been such a blessing to see how many ways, conventional and unconventional, the Moishe Rosen Center is getting used to lift up the name of Jesus!

Chaim (in the blue shirt) sharing with one of the artists.


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