BYG Israel Lower Galilee

Photos and Praise Reports from Behold Your God Israel: Lower Galilee Campaign

Karol: “We had a great day at the beach. Oded and I walked around having conversations from beginning to end! Last night we were out on Independence Eve, right by our hotel, handing out tracts, and an Orthodox woman screamed at us, trying to push tracts out of our hands, telling everyone not to take tracts from us. At the beach today, the first person that came up to me was a man who had observed the interaction the night before. As it turned out, he was very open and believes in God, but is unsure about the Bible. He gave me his contact, and even let me take a picture of him so I could continue to pray for him.

“After lunch, Oded and I walked up to three older people and two twenty-something girls. The older people took our tracts and the girls screamed at them: ‘Don’t take those tracts; it’s about Jesus!’ Oded talked with the older people as I engaged the screaming girls! All day, people kept coming to us; we were reaching crowds of people.”

Oded: “At one point I was talking to so many in the crowd, it felt like we were having church and that I was a street preacher, right there on the beach. A young lady came to us and wanted a broadside. Before she met me at the beach, she had been at the beach in Tel Aviv and found a “Why Me?” story book by Yakov Damkani (a Jewish believer in Jesus) that someone had thrown away in the trash. She was already halfway through it and asked me some interesting and relevant questions. She gave me her contact information, and I hope we’ll be able to follow up on her right away.

Rahel: “I was at the mall talking with Yoni, an Orthodox man who shared with me his disappointment with Orthodox Judaism. He said he was doing his best to live a life pleasing to God, and was battling with himself about what is real and what is good. I told him Yeshua is the real deal and that He came to bring us forgiveness and kipporah (atonement). His wife came and got him, but I told him I would pray that God would show him the truth. The security guy at the shop had been listening to the conversation. On the way out I spoke with him more personally, and he gave me his contact.

“At the end of a sortie, an angry woman came to me, yelling and so upset that I thought she was going to whack me with her cane. I was calm and nice to her and eventually she left. After a while, I looked over to a nearby bench and saw the same woman with her friend, sitting and reading my tract! They invited me to come over and explain it to them, and asked questions. I couldn’t believe how cool it was that God could change the hearts of Sima and Alice. Not only did they give me their contacts, but they also gave me an Israeli flag for the holiday!”

Yarden: “We had a really blessed day. From the time we walked into the office, we had calls from beginning to end. Because of the media ads that appeared in the papers, people called from all over Israel. We were always on calls—all day. We even got a few calls from the Orthodox asking us to send materials anonymously.”

Sarah: “I was at the beach, at the boardwalk, and a little boy came up to where I was standing and said to me, ‘Please come and talk to my mom!’ I followed him across to the other side of the boardwalk and had a very pleasant, open conversation about Yeshua with this boy’s mother. I don’t think she knew that her son had called me over, and I don’t know what captured the boy’s attention—but I’m glad he called me over there!”

Tigist: “I got two contacts from Ethiopian Jews for the first time. Ethiopian Jews are afraid to show an interest in Jesus, because they fear it may put their immigration status in jeopardy. These contacts are an answer to my personal prayer, since I know what they are feeling and thinking.”

Jonathan: “One evening we were in the coffee shop and a woman came up to us and asked us for a flyer. She said a couple of days ago her daughter got a flyer and she took it from her, but then she thought she should not tell her not to look at it until she looked into it herself. We got her contact, and I pray for that seed that has been planted in her heart.”

Gadi: “I saw a car parked while I was out on a sortie, with the driver sitting in it. I smiled at the driver and he smiled back, so I took this as a good sign and approached him. I asked him if he knew who Yeshua was and that He fulfilled the prophecies of the Tenach (the Old Testament) and died to atone for sins, and that God raised him up. I asked him if he believes he has sinned and that Yeshua is the answer. He said yes. I led him in the sinner’s prayer and he repeated it after me. I could tell that he was joyful, and I really think he knew what he was doing. I got his contact information and am curious to see how follow-up will go.”

Karol: “On a sortie, we met a woman in her early 30s; she took a tract and saw the broken heart on the front of it. She looked up at me and said that she has a broken heart. I told her that Jesus heals broken hearts, and she said she was very interested in that! She gave me her contact.”

Jonathan: ?”I was with Tzachi at the soccer stadium. We were both a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to actually see the game as we stood at the entrance and handed out tracts. Tzachi was excited because his favorite soccer team was playing. A Haifa fan threw a bottle and it smashed right in front of us. A group was screaming at us, and a large Arab man protected us. Then the group that was screaming complained to the police. A policeman came over, read one of our tracts, and then told us that we could continue. We gave out 2,400 tracts that night.”

Steve: ?”We were at a sortie at a mall, and I walked into the bookstore and asked if they had a New Testament. I was surprised to find that they did not, and Rahel used this opportunity to witness to the store owner.”


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