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Documentary of Jews for Jesus in Israel wins award

Flowers of the Son, produced and directed by Emmy-Award-winning filmmakers Herb and Amy Kossover for Jews for Jesus, has won first place in the category of Religious Documentary at the 44th WorldFest in Houston. WorldFest is the third largest film festival in the world, with more than 4,500 category entries. Throughout 2011 and 2012, Flowers of the Son will be screened in many film festivals and churches throughout the United States.

Click here for the official website, which will be updated as screenings are scheduled.

Click here to read the review by Christianity Today

Shorashim: an artistic approach to Jewish evangelism launched by one of our newest staff

Moti Vaknin, who recently joined our staff in Israel, has a vision to encourage Israeli Jewish photographers, makeup artists and models to interact with the New Testament, while at the same time producing art that will demonstrate the Jewish roots of faith in Jesus. He calls the project Shorashim, which means “roots.”

Moti is launching this project with two Israeli photographers who know Jesus and two who don’t. He’s provided the photographers who don’t yet know Jesus with copies of the New Testament and asked each to interpret his or her personal impressions of the stories through photos based on whichever gospel narrative they found most inspiring. One has chosen the miracle of Yeshua (Jesus) changing water into wine. She is very open and excited about the project. The other is fascinated by the passages where Yeshua healed people and raised them from the dead. He said he was always interested to know more about Yeshua and that this is a great opportunity to learn more about Him.

The project will culminate in a gallery exhibition, where the photographers’ work will be displayed for friends, family and the public. During this event the gospel will be presented, along with the art. Text from the New Testament inspiration for each photo will be displayed next to each photo, and a speaker will also explain the project.

We have an excellent locale for the photo shoots, which are to take place on May 28th.

Please pray for:

  • salvation for the photographers and makeup artist (the model we are using is already a believer)
  • the photos to be such that the exhibit can present the gospel in a clear and creative way
  • the gallery exhibition to attract many to come and hear the gospel
  • Moti to have continued wisdom and strength as he heads up this unique project

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

We are delighted to announce that Daniel Goldstein and Liz Kahn were married on April 17. Daniel and Liz, both Jewish believers in Jesus, met through our Massah program, an outreach to Israeli trekkers that came about in large part because of Daniel’s vision and initiative. Congratulations, Goldsteins!

Thank you for praying

God certainly answered your prayers for our missionaries who traveled all over creation for Passover tours, including the Tornado-ridden states. Steve and Janie Wertheim, traveling in Mississippi, were very much aware of God’s sovereign protection after receiving, of all things, a traffic ticket. It began as a frustrating experience; Steve had set his cruise control to the speed limit and felt all the injustice of the ticket, perhaps given because the officer, (who asked “Is this a rental car?”) knew the Wertheims would not be returning to Tennessee to contest the ticket. Nevertheless, as Steve and Janie drove on, they came upon massive evidence that the time it took for them to get that ticket had prevented them from being at the scene of a tornado that overturned a number of semis and wreaked havoc on the very road they were traveling. God can even use a speeding ticket for good!

In addition to journey mercies, we asked you to pray for Jewish people to come and hear the gospel through our “Christ in the Passover” presentations. And come they did, even in places as remote as Raton, New Mexico! And we also had opportunities to present the gospel in some places where we’re more likely to draw Jewish visitors, as Avi Snyder reports:

“During my recent CIP tour in southern California I met a young Jewish woman, Susannah, who had been brought to the service by a Christian friend. Susannah and I spoke after the service, and I could see that she was genuinely open. I showed her one of my favorite passages of Scripture-Jeremiah 29:13-14- and assured her that if her heart was intent upon knowing the truth and finding the Lord, then He would make Himself known to her. She wasn’t ready at that moment to give her heart to Yeshua, but she accepted my invitation to pray with me that God would show her the truth.

“Once back in Germany, I stayed in touch with her by email, and with each note it became clearer that God was making himself known to Susannah. I offered to call and pray with her, but she declined because the wireless service that she used would charge her for my call. Skype wasn’t an option either, because she didn’t have it on her computer. Finally, in a note, she asked, “Can you write out for me what I should pray?” 

“I crafted a prayer based on some of the concerns she’d expressed in her emails, in order to make the prayer her own. At the core of the prayer, of course, was her calling out to God for His forgiveness, and her confession of faith that Yeshua died for her sins and rose from the dead. The day after I sent it out, she replied, letting me know that she’d prayed. In the notes that have followed, it’s clear that she’s growing in her faith as she sees the Lord answering her prayers and intervening in situations even before she’s asked.

“Sara Friedman from our Los Angeles office has already been in touch with Susannah, so hopefully, they’ll be able to connect soon.”

Please continue to pray for:

  • our upcoming Summer Witnessing Campaign in New York City-the two-week training begins on June 12.
  • last minute details for upcoming Camp Gilgal junior and teen camps, which we’ll be conducting throughout the summer
  • final preparations for Massah


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