This month’s Real Deal is a whopping 25% off a beautiful new book, “Women at the Time of the Bible” by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh.
Each chapter of this wonderfully illustrated edition reveals a different aspect of a woman’s life in Bible times, from her education and contribution to the community to her dress and adornments.  You’ll see full-color photographs and drawings of rare and beautiful finds unearthed in the Holy Land. The author also gives background information to help you become better acquainted with some notable women of Bible times including Ruth, Miriam and Rebekah.

If you recognize the author’s name from her other popular books, “Food at the Time of the Bible” and “Daily Life at the Time of Jesus” you’ll know she is both thorough and engaging in her approach to various aspects of life during Bible times. And if you don’t recognize her name, we hope you’ll take our word for it and become familiar with her work.

“Women at the Time of the Bible” normally sells for $18.00, but if you order online this month (May, 2009), your 25% Real Deal discount (enter coupon code “Lady25“) brings the price down to $13.50, plus shipping and handling.  Click here to order.