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You prayed for an experimental street witnessing outreach in Israel. In one week, our missionaries and volunteers received names and addresses of 177 Israelis willing to hear more about Jesus. Click here for more about the outreach, including photos.

You prayed for our “Victory Day” sortie in Moscow on May 9. Our team of three staff and 17 volunteers distributed 9,440 broadsides. Four unbelieving Jewish people gave us their information to receive further contact and two Jewish people prayed with us to receive the Lord. Leader Maxim Ammosov says, “Thank you so much for your prayers. We only had one problem from the authorities, who, unfortunately arrested one of our volunteers. They confiscated her broadsides, detained her for half an hour and then set her free with no penalty. That was the only problem of the day. So, it was a blessed outreach! Praise the Lord! And thank you again for your prayers.”

You prayed for Stan and Holly Meyer to find a house as they transfer from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles. Stan says, “We finally sold our house at the beginning of April, which itself was a big answer to prayer because even with prices dropping houses have not been selling in Broward County. However, housing prices in LA actually went up at the end of 2006, which made finding affordable housing very challenging. Our daughter, Carrie, kept insisting ‘I want a PURPLE house.’ She even told her teachers, ‘Mommy is in Los Angeles buying me a PURPLE house.’ The day before Holly’s return flight from LA, she put in an offer on a townhouse that had just listed, was ready to move in, earthquake retrofitted, and affordable. Praise God, the offer was accepted. Holly called me while she was surveying the house and said: ‘You are not going to believe this. The child’s room. . . it is painted wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling. . . PURPLE!’ Ed note: God knows it’s not that hard to buy a bucket of purple paint, but isn’t it great how He delights to tell us that He knows our needs AND our wants?

You prayed for a good day of outreach at the Air and Sea Show in South Florida. Chad Elliott wrote a new broadside for the occasion: “What’s Up With Spiderman?” (since so many people have been looking forward to the release of the newest Spiderman movie.) Click here to download the new tract. Greg Savitt says, “With two staff and two volunteers, we handed out 8,825 broadsides; while it may not be a huge number, it certainly looked like our bright red tracts were everywhere! My son’s friend Tiara, who is 8, saw so many people with our Spiderman tract that she asked her dad if the Air Show was handing them out.”

You prayed for our outreach at the Israel Independence Day Festival in Los Angeles. Tuvya Zaretsky says,

“35,000 people attended the Israel Independence Day Festival in Los Angeles (Woodley Park, Van Nuys). Two of our missionary staff and six volunteers handed out literature in English and Hebrew and entered into conversations with people from 10 AM to 6 PM. You might recall that our staffer, Cyril Gordon, was arrested last year, and that we won an injunction to protect our rights to hand out literature this year. When I ‘checked in’ with the police at the fair on Sunday, the lead officer had a copy of our injunction tucked into his bulletproof vest. He pulled it out and told me that Jews for Jesus is well protected to do our work.

“Pastor Michael H. Brown was in another area with volunteers from Congregation Adat Yeshua HaAdon. They do a wonderful job every year, handing out water (of life), literature and talking with people about Yeshua. Our friends from Sh’ma Yisrael, Ministry to Israelis, were also on scene to hand out Hebrew literature and to talk with people. They produced a banner in Hebrew and paid for a plane to tow it overhead during the afternoon. It proclaims ‘Hear O Israel, the word of the Lord: Yeshua is our Messiah!’ Here is a picture.

“We all had a wonderful time and had more conversations than I remember at any of the past festivals.”

Here is a picture of Tuvya outside one of the gates. On the left you can see part of an Orthodox rabbi who stopped to talk, then stayed to “warn” people away from us.

Update on Passover Praise: Tuvya has met with Harvey, who professed faith in Jesus for the first time on Passover eve, April 2. Harvey confirmed his new faith. He is quite ill and is now confined to a wheel chair. His memory is starting to fade, he knows that he is dying, but he asked Tuvya to begin a Bible study with him on the Gospel of John. Thank you for praying for Harvey.

Meanwhile, in Quebec, Karl deSouza and a volunteer went to the Israel Independence Day Rally in downtown Montreal. According to one Jewish source, about 7,500 people were present. Karl and Daniel handed out tracts in “Jews for Jesus” t-shirts. A couple of people made it their task to dissuade others from taking the tracts by physically blocking, verbally telling them not to take a tract, and sometimes even trying to snatch tracts from people’s hands. Karl says, “I thought of what Yeshua taught about the Adversary snatching the Word of God which is sowed in the world. (Matt 13:1-23) After the ‘official’ parade, a parade of ultra Orthodox Jews was protesting the State of Israel—they believe that only the Messiah can establish a legitimate state of Israel. One man who had been opposing us pointed to the Hassidim and asked me ‘Why not go and convert these guys?’ I responded, ‘Well, you need Jesus just as much as they do.’ Please pray for those who received a tract, heard the gospel, and also for those who opposed us.” Click here for photos.

You’ve been praying for Moishe Rosen as he is fighting prostate cancer. His first and second monthly blood tests show that he is responding to the treatment well. Please keep praying.



Please pray as the Liberated Wailing Wall is in town from May 28th until June 11th. Pray that their presentations in churches as well as their outdoor concerts will attract many seekers who will be open to the gospel.

Please pray for our follow-up on all of our contacts from the Tel Aviv probe and from the contacts from Boombamela.

Massah, a new discipleship/evangelistic program for college-aged Jewish believers in Jesus is coming to Israel. Please pray for the health, well-being and spiritual growth of the participants, and that our Israel branch would be a blessing to this program.

New York:

Saturday, May 19, we’ll have our first monthly Shabbat Seminar in Brooklyn. It’s a monthly meeting for believers (both Jewish and Gentile) to learn more about their Jewish roots, the Jewish holidays, and how to witness to their Jewish friends.

Soon we’ll begin our two-week Hassidic (ultra-Orthodox) outreach in New York. As with the campaign we conducted last summer as part of our BYG New York grand finale, we’ll have a team out and about in the ultra-orthodox neighborhoods praying and looking for those who are open to hearing a gospel message. We’ll also be using some of the methods tried last year for getting the message out to the three Hasidic communities here. Please pray that God will prepare hearts, give us protection and wisdom as we go out, and use us to reach many.

Washington, D.C.:

For months, two non-believing Jewish men have been attending our weekly Bible study. Praise God with us that in April one of them, Alex, prayed to receive the Lord.

On June 10, the Washington DC branch will go down to the National Mall to do evangelism at one of the biggest rallies in recent history. The rally is called “End the Occupation” and it’s an anti-Israel event. Please pray that God will send us volunteers, that He’ll protect us, and that He’ll enable us to reach many unbelievers with the gospel. Pray also for our country’s leaders, that they will not abandon support for Israel.


Please pray that God will bless a week-long outreach that Leonid Dolganovsky will lead in the city of Frankfurt, from June 1-7.

Please pray that God will bless the tour of the Liberated Wailing Wall in Germany and Switzerland, ending May 27. Pray that the many German Christian hearts will be won to the cause of bringing the Good News to our people.

Please pray that God will bless our mini-campaign in Nuremburg (N?rnburg) during the first week of June. This will be our first evangelistic outreach in the city that was the ideological home of the National Socialists (Nazis) in the thirties.

Leonid Dolganovsky also asks prayer for wisdom as a young leader.

Portland Witnessing Campaign:

The first of our witnessing campaigns begins before summer officially does. Co-Laborers Allen and Penny Abrahamson are conducting a witnessing campaign with some 20 volunteers in Portland, Oregon from June 1-10. It is very exciting for us to see a full-fledged witnessing campaign initiated and led by our wonderful volunteers! Please keep the Abrahamsons and their crew in prayer for a fruitful time of evangelism beginning in a couple of weeks.

Los Angeles:

Please pray for Stan and Holly Meyer, who have just arrived at their new station, that God will smooth the transition as Stan begins leading the branch. Please also pray that they can find a good and affordable pre-school for Carrie.

Additionally, after 16 years at the helm in LA, Tuvya Zaretsky will remain in Los Angeles, but will assume duties as the ministry Director of Staff Development. Please pray for Tuvya as he develops methods for ministry and mentoring for our mission staff nationally and internationally.

June 2:

Pray for the Arab Christian-Messianic Jewish Fellowship night in Glendale. This is a wonderful occasion when Arabs (including many former Muslims) and Jews come together through our common faith in Jesus the Messiah. Pray for the fellowship and the story of the gospel through this event. Please pray for the planning team and the Messiah’s shalom over the event.

May 28 – June 1:

Tuvya will be team-teaching a course on Diaspora Missiology at Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon. Please pray for this pioneering course and program that brings together Diaspora studies with mission strategy. Last minute registration may still possible for MA students in Missions. Inquiries regarding enrollment and/or application can be made online at [email protected] or by calling Steve Thomas, Director of Enrollment at Western Seminary at (877) 517-1800.

The next course offerings will be taught in San Francisco. Following are course descriptions:

June 28 evening – June 30
DMS 501SN Thinking Theologically About Ministry (2 Credits)
Ministry is built upon sound biblical, theological and cultural foundations. Each generation of the Church must understand and build on these foundations, as well as discover relevant contemporary innovations and applications. This course is designed to help you integrate an understanding of the Word and the world with the development of a personal philosophy of ministry.

July 1-3
MFM 500SN Discovering and Developing Ministry Potential (2 Credits)

This personal assessment course uses a wide variety of tools that will enable you to gain greater insight into how your gifting, personality, passion and background might best be matched with potential ministry opportunities. This course is also the gateway to beginning your mentoring courses MFM 501 – 504.


The South Florida Branch will be starting a weekly Thursday night Bible Study. Come worship, pray and learn as we examine the book of Acts, starting on Thursday May 24 at 7 PM at 4654 N. University Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33351. If you need directions, contact us online or call us at (954) 616-5050. Jews and Gentiles, believers and inquirers are welcome.

San Francisco:

Rob and Sandy Wertheim are moving to San Francisco, where Rob will re-open the branch in late June. Please pray for their family as they look for a new home, and as they make the transition from Los Angeles, where they have lived and served for almost 20 years. Please also pray for Rob as he wraps up his work in Southern California and learns the ropes in a new city.


Valery Bolotov requests prayer for Mini-street campaign from 5/21-26/07-for fruitful evangelism, God’s protection of campaigners, and special blessings for the volunteers who participate. Mini-visits campaign from 5/28 – 6/2-for many people to be open to meeting with our missionaries and volunteers to study God’s Word, and that many Jewish seekers will want to continue visiting with our missionaries regularly.


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