Here are some of the things that happened during the intensive, week- long outreach.

We learned that the police really do not know what to make of us. One campaigner had three policemen tell him three completely different things about handing out tracts. The first said, You are allowed to hand out your pamphlets, the second said ” You are allowed to hand out your pamphlets, but others have the right to take them out of the receivers’ hands,” and, the third said, “You are not allowed to hand out your pamphlets.”

We learned that campaigners who don’t speak Hebrew still have opportunities to witness, and not just in English. Anna reports, “I was feeling discouraged because I don’t speak Hebrew, when someone asked to borrow a pencil. He didn’t speak English but French, and I happen to speak French as well. I began to share the salvation message. Praise the Lord, I got to share with someone who had never heard the gospel message, all because he asked to borrow a pencil”.

We learned that a soft answer still can turn away wrath. The taxi drivers at the Central Bus Station were cursing David, who turned to tell them that Yeshua loves them. They immediately began to calm down. Another guy was cursing David later in the sortie and once again, David told him that Yeshua loves him and he, too, began to calm down.

Tzachi encountered a tough guy with two big friends who told him, “Leave the area or you will be killed in five minutes.” Seeing that Tzachi did not moved, the man grabbed his throat and shoved him. Tzachi says, “It really hurt. I looked at him and prayed as Jesus had on the cross. ‘God forgive him because he doesn’t know what he is doing.’ The man and his friends were visibly shocked by this reaction. I hope it gets them to thinking about what we were presenting.”

Peter offered an old man a broadside and the man said, “You are a deceiver.” He began telling me stories of rabbis that have been passed on from generation to generation. I said to him, ‘Do you want to hear what first-hand witnesses said about Jesus?’ On hearing my accent he recognized that I was Arab. He said, ‘You know that I hate you and you hate me,’ and he refused my tract. I continued speaking to him and we eventually became friends. He said ‘We are brothers,’ and took a broadside.

We learned that sometimes being harassed gives us a captive audience. John Michael saw a large, religious man about to harass two of the women campaigners, so he stood in the man’s way, which allowed the women to continue on their way. He says, “Soon I became his target; he grabbed my tracts and ripped them out of my hand. Many people were watching the scene, so I began to yell, ‘Help! Help! I am being persecuted because I believe in Jesus.’ A group of 100 people gathered so I continued to share the gospel loudly. The police escorted me from the area and asked if I wanted to press charges. I said, ‘Let me tell you what happened…’ then I shared the gospel and he had to listen and write it down because it was my statement.”

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