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In addition to Moishe’s words to Zola, he voiced the following reflections following Zola’s passing:

“When I paused to think about it, I realized that next to family and [those I’m closest to in the Jews for Jesus] ministry, Zola was probably my best friend. I loved to talk to him; we didn’t always agree—in fact, we disagreed over many things. But each of us would have our say.

Basically, I’m a shy person. And Zola undertook to maintain the friendship. If he didn’t hear from me, he would call. He was always appreciative of the work that I did, and seemed to know that it took a lot of effort.

I first met Zola in 1972 when Campus Crusade had a big extravaganza in Dallas. He was in charge of the publicity. About a year later—Jews for Jesus had just started as an organization—I happened to be in Dallas, and Zola had a daily radio talk show. He had me on as a guest.

By that time I’d been interviewed on radio a couple of hundred times, and I knew a lot about the techniques of the interviewers. Zola was far above most. He was sensitive. He had the unusual ability of being able to draw things out of people and keep the conversation going. I found that I was able to say more about what I believed and about Jews for Jesus.

As an interviewer, Zola knew how to stand back and draw out another person. I was so impressed with his competence, I decided then and there I was going to make friends with this person, which I did.

Well, Jews for Jesus continued to grow, and in those early years before his television program, Zola wrote books. He knew how to study, condense things, to be able to state things…and a lot of those books are still in print.

I came to know and care about his family, and I guess what I’ll miss is that Zola was my main encourager. He seemed to know my heart. The other thing is—he’s the only friend I ever had that I felt I could tell anything and everything to, and that he would still be committed to me. I didn’t expect to ever have a friend like that this side of heaven, except for our Lord Jesus Christ. I’ll miss him. The sorrow that I feel is for myself, because Zola has gone to a far better place.”

We will also miss our beautiful and gracious Maggie Reed, wife of Russ Reed, who served for decades on our Board of Directors. Maggie’s home going was on April 25. Please keep Russ and the rest of the family in prayer.

The good news is that Micha and Leah Cohen welcomed their second daughter, Tikvah Abigail, into the world on April 26. Tikvah weighed in at seven pounds, ten ounces. Her parents ask prayer for her as she has a cleft lip and palette that will require two or three surgeries in the first few years of her life.

Tikvah Abigail

Micha, Leah and Tikvah Cohen


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