“Doing things Jesus’ way” includes being part of our local communities. In Tel Aviv, our Moishe Rosen Center gives us many opportunities to share what we have with our neighbors, and in so doing, to honor our Messiah.

Our Israel team recently hosted their fourth annual “India in the Eyes of the Traveler” event. India is a popular destination for Israelis—especially those who want to clear their heads and reflect on the meaning of life after completing their military service. Every year, Jews for Jesus sends teams to India, where our staff and volunteers get to know some of these travelers and engage them in spiritual conversations.

“India in the Eyes of the Traveler” helps us reconnect with the people our teams have met during these travels, many of whom have taken stunning photographs of India. Our event leaders (this year, Shoshana and Miri) chose more than 100 photographs, representing 23 photographers.

Literature explaining what the Moishe Rosen Center is and why we share our space with the community was, as always, prominently placed at the event. People who come to our center either knew or quickly discovered that the event was hosted by Jews for Jesus.

Moshe (whom we’d invited to cook and sell Indian food) had already talked to many on our team about Jesus, and felt like he knew a lot. When he asked Danielle why she believes in Jesus, she replied, “I don't know how you don’t; so much is written about Him in the Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures).” That caught his attention. After the event he sat looking at Messianic prophecies for an hour and a half—until 2 a.m.! Please pray for God to reveal Himself to Moshe.

Our team had one conversation after another with unbelieving Israelis. Shoshana’s husband Eli, who leads our young adult ministry in Tel Aviv, had twenty gospel conversations over the course of the event.

Please pray for the gospel seeds that were sown to grow in the hearts and minds of people who attended.