Amy Moore reports,

“Sandy* and Rick* are a Jewish couple who came to a Christ in the Passover presentation I did two years ago in South Dakota. Tonight they came to my meeting with their son, and I found out that since I last saw them, they have both prayed to receive Jesus as their Messiah! And tonight I got to pray with their son, Seth,* to do the same! Seth is in a doctoral program at the University of Chicago and knows some of my friends, so I’m going to try to get him connected. Pray for Seth as he learns what it means to follow Yeshua!”

Our Passover tours ended Friday night, March 25. Please pray for the many Jewish people who have heard the gospel in the last few weeks, that God will nurture those seeds as He did with Sandy and Rick. And please remember, any time you see that we are coming to a congregation near you, it’s a great opportunity to bring a friend of any background to come and hear the Good News of Jesus in an engaging and thought-provoking way.

*not their real names