RealTime March 2012

A Note from David Brickner: Love at the Checkpoint
March 17, 2012

  Watch David Brickner’s introduction to the article. Click here to listen to / download the podcast of the full article. Watch bonus Q&A videos about this article. Over the past weeks I have witnessed some intense and heated exchanges between believers in Jesus concerning a conference at Bethlehem Bible College called “Christ at the…

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Real Deal – Why Jesus Died
March 16, 2012

Why Jesus Died by R.T. Kendall is a meditation on Isaiah 53. It is perfect for personal reflection but gives insights that will also help in your witness to others. Order online by March 31 using coupon code “kendall40” and receive free shipping.

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Jews for Jesus News – March 2012

From our Washington D.C. branch Branch leader Stephen Katz reports, “On March 5 we were at the White House with our banner that reads: ‘The Only Hope for Peace Was Born in the Middle East.’ Netanyahu was meeting with Obama at the time and the crowds were thick with anti-Zionist protestors (including a sect of…

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Pharaoh Wasn't Very Nice

Also in this Edition
March 15, 2012

Passover Broadside Pharaoh Wasn’t Very Nice Print :: Read KosherJoe: Green Onions for Passover? <p><br /></p><p><br /></p> Free T-Shirt Giveaway for the highest score! Play now on

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Jewish Facts of Life – Passover

Passover, the Feast of Redemption, begins at sundown on April 6. For much of this month and next, our missionaries will be speaking in churches all over the country about Christ in the Passover. Our branches will be conducting Passover banquets. These are opportunities for us to reach out to friends like you, and opportunities…

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