Every month we get emails and letters telling us how much our friends appreciate David Brickner’s articles.  Guess what?  We have a little-known book that is perfect for those who want to hear more from David.  When he first became executive director of Jews for Jesus in 1996 we put together a book of his writings to help people get to know him.  His editor (who is writing this) gave a bad suggestion for the title and as a result relatively few people have seen the book.  It’s called "Mishpochah Matters" (Mishpochah is the Jewish way to say family) and frankly the title is not a big draw for our non-Jewish friends.  But if you have appreciated reading David’s articles, this book is a Real Deal for you.  It contains twelve essays that were originally written for Jewish believers in Jesus but are also quite relevant for God’s broader family.  Issues concerning call to ministry, being married, being single, aging and more are given serious consideration in this 159-page book.  It normally sells for $9 but for our RealTime readers, we are offering the book at $5.  Note: You must order online by clicking here to receive this special price.