World Cup Reaches Israelis in Brazil

Sergio Danon reports, “Our first day of campaign went amazingly well. Three Jewish seekers gave us their info for follow-up. Two were Israelis, and we had conversations with many more Israelis who were interested but not yet ready to give contact info. 12,425 people took our gospel postcards, (see below) and one person prayed to repent and receive Jesus.

We thought a lot about the logo for our shirts, and decided on the one you see in the blue circle above. Mashiach is a Jewish way to say Messiah, so basically the first two words are asking if Jesus is the Messiah. The last line in Hebrew script, says “Certainly!” (can also be translated “For sure!). The shirts are drawing lots of curiosity and especially from Israelis who see the Hebrew and come to talk to us.

One Israeli, Ron, has many Messianic friends back in Israel and was very interested. He then gave his email for contact. Another, Dan* looked (by his beard) to be Orthodox, but he was dressed secular. He approached to ask me where he could find a water fountain, since he was thirsty. Can you believe that? I told him I could show him to the fountain of living waters, the Messiah Jesus. I explained the gospel, and asked if he wanted to receive more information. He told me that he is from Jerusalem and said, ‘I can’t have a New Testament or info about Jesus.” I understand his parents are probably Orthodox, and he was afraid to have literature they would disapprove. Still, I gave him my bottle of water, which I had not opened yet, and I pray that God continues to work in his heart.”

Please pray for many divine appointments and also for physical and spiritual strength for all the campaigners and stewards!

*Not his real name

Postcard Front and Back


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