The journey can be fun!

Why are they smiling? Because “Massah” (the journey) can be so much fun! It can also be incredibly hard, and either way it’s an opportunity to grow closer to God and like-minded Jewish people who want to share their faith in Yeshua.

This is the first of two Massah teams we are sending out this summer, first to Israel, and then to India, where they will meet many Israeli backpackers. Melissa, who is overseeing this team’s spiritual care says:

“The last few days have been filled with good teaching on evangelizing with Messianic prophecy, as well as learning how to invite someone to know the Lord. We also had a tour of Tel Aviv and learned how the city was designed by German Jewish architects who had fled Nazi Germany. Understanding Tel Aviv’s design as “The White City” will become even more relevant to us as we approach Layla Lavan (“White Night”) on June 27, when we will hold a public art event.

“The Massah team enjoys each other.  They have a zeal for evangelism and an attentiveness to learning the Word.  They are serving each other in planning meals and cooking together in teams.  They’re also enjoying falafel and can’t seem to get enough of it. Praise God for this team!"

Giselle (pictured on the left above) says, “I hardly ever meet other Australians in Israel as it is literally half a world away. The other night I met Elise* while we were both writing on the thank you wall.** I noticed she had a familiar accent. She told me she was from Perth and had recently moved to Israel to be near her (Jewish) boyfriend, Tzvi*. When she found out I work with Jews for Jesus her face lit up and she said ‘Wow! I’ve been wondering if something like that exists, I’m a Christian!’ Elise gave me her contact details and I am looking forward to interacting with both of them and hoping for more opportunities to share Yeshua with Tzvi.”

* not their real names

** Want to know what the thank you wall is? You’ll have to wait for our next post!

Studying together
Worshiping together
Cooking together
Reaching out together


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