Answered prayer at Rolling Stones Concert

The Rolling Stones gave a concert in Tel Aviv on June 4, which also was Shavout (Pentecost) a national holiday in Israel. The turnout was about 50,000 people! Our team of eight evangelists,  (seven Jews for Jesus staff and one volunteer) handed out all 4,000 of our gospel postcards about “no satisfaction” in just a couple of hours. People were excitedly reading them and thousands more people saw our T-shirts with the name of Yeshua (Jesus). The Lord answered prayers inasmuch as we had no opposition other than the hot weather which was 103 F. (It’s rare in Israel to be able to do street evangelism in the same place for 2 hours without opposition.)

Outreach leader Vlad Mitnitsky (pictured above and below) asked one young man about what he had just received. So he carefully read the postcard out loud and agreed with much of it, (about how hard it is to find satisfaction). By the end, he told Vlad: “You guys, are Messianic Jews and I am a traditional Jew who doesn’t really care about God. But I like your postcard and I will put it on the wall in my room!” 

Alex Adelson was approached by a security guard Moshe* who had many questions about who we were and why we were doing this. Alex shared the gospel with him; he seemed very interested and said possibly Yeshua might be the Jewish Messiah. Though he did not give his contact info, he took the information of Alex’s congregation and promised to visit there.

Keep Moshe in your prayers and also please pray for thousands of young Israeli agnostics and atheists who might not have stopped to talk, but will save that postcard. May they be touched by the gospel message and consider Yeshua as their Lord and Saviour.

* Not his real name

Young Israeli responds to Vlad’s question, “What do you think?”



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