RealTime June 2012

Precious in the Sight of the Lord
June 15, 2012

• Listen to the podcast of the whole article now. My cell phone rang and I reluctantly stepped out of the hospital maternity room and away from my newborn granddaughter. The call was from Robyn Wilk, who leads our work in Florida. “You need to call Stan Telchin...

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Jews for Jesus News
June 14, 2012

Be on the alert for a separate email from us on a key exchange between David Brickner and John Piper about Israel, plus see the wrap up reports from our Behold Your God Israel and Frankfurt campaigns, pray for the campaigns that are going on right now, take note of...

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Jewish Facts of Life
June 13, 2012

Click here for a few facts about Jews and the Fourth of July.

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Real Deal
June 8, 2012

In honor of our dear brother, Stan Telchin, we are offering free shipping on his immensely popular autobiography, “Betrayed.” Offer good for online purchases through June 30, 2012, using coupon code “Realdeal04” at...

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Also in this Edition
June 7, 2012

• New 60-second video series summarizes weekly Scripture reading. • Download 4th of July gospel broadsides, including a new video version plus our other usual downloadable 4th of July broadsides. Parsha in 60 Seconds Traditional Jewish Sabbath observance includes...

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Frankfurt 2012 Summer Campagin
June 1, 2012

Leonid reports,   “My partner Mark and I were in Ofenbach. There were very few people on the streets. Ofenbach is mostly Muslim these days; still, Mark suggested we pray for Jewish contacts. Soon after, we met two elderly women. We asked who they thought Jesus...

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BYG Israel Lower Galilee Campaign Highlights

Praise Reports: Gadi: “We were eating lunch and I noticed the girl behind the counter had a tattoo on her arm that said, 'I want to live forever.' That gave me a good opening. I told her I also want to live forever and I know I will; she wanted to know...

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Warsaw Campaign Summer 2012

Warsaw, Poland Barry reports: “I met Adam, a Catholic man who is dating a Jewish girl. I asked if he would like to meet up with us and bring his girlfriend, but she was out of town. He gave us his phone number and wanted to arrange a time to meet. “Anna, a...

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