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If you love to read about God’s work in other countries, “Life’s Tapestry,” by Dr. Martin Goldsmith, is for you. Dr. Goldsmith looks back over forty years of Christian ministry in various parts of the world including Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa and Latin America. This 237-page book normally retails for $10.00 and is a Real Deal at $6.50, plus shipping and handling. Click here to order.

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If you are interested in the Land of Israel and curious about what life was like in Bible times, don’t miss this Real Deal.

We have a beautiful set of books replete with four-color art as well as fascinating facts on Israel and life during Bible times. Suitable for any library or coffee table, these books by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh are among our top sellers. They are:

“Daily Life at the Time of Jesus”
“Food at the Time of the Bible”
“Israel at the Time of the Bible”
“Women at the Time of the Bible”

The books sell for $18 each but all four can now be yours for $55.00 plus shipping and handling. Click here to order the set. Enter Coupon Code “VAM0608” at checkout for the discount. Even if you already own one or two of these books, now is your chance to own the others for a fraction of the price; and the duplicates will make classy gifts.

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