Campaign leader Ildiko reports: “The Budapest campaign got off to a great start; during our second day, we had our first Jewish profession of faith in Jesus during one of our regular sorties (tract-passing expeditions).

“Kata, Vati and I also led a music and dance sortie with an adjacent prayer tent. Four people (not Jewish) prayed to receive the Lord!

“I was handing out tracts one evening when suddenly a young woman carrying two big shopping bags stood before me, asking who we are and what we do. As we spoke, it was clear that she knew about Jesus, but it seemed she did not have a relationship with God. She paid close attention as I shared John 3:16, then Roman 10:9—she had always thought she would have to do something to earn salvation. I invited her to set down her shopping bags and pray to receive the Lord. She said ‘Yes, I am ready.’ As we prayed, her eyes filled with tears. Her name is Anna. She commented that it was no accident that she was drawn to speak to me; it was a divine encounter. Pray for Anna, and for more divine encounters!”

Kata (campaign co-leader) adds: “We tried something new at Széll Kálmán Square—setting up a tent to offer people shade from the heat, a cold drink, and prayer. We ran into unexpected difficulties with set-up, and wondered if the idea had been a mistake. But then a strange and wonderful thing happened—within two hours, four people prayed to surrender their hearts to the Lord. The first one, Attila, in his mid-thirties, wanted to talk before we even finished setting up the tent, but we were able to sit in the shade and chat.

“Attila remembered having received a tract from me about a year ago. While he believed Jesus is the Messiah, he was fearful about what he might have to give up to follow Him. When I explained what Jesus promises us in exchange—a new heart and eternal life—he was touched and wanted to pray with me to receive the Lord. What a joy when a sower of gospel seed can later see the ripened fruit and even harvest it! Please pray for Attila to find a strong and healthy church, to grow in the Lord and become a gospel seed sower himself!”

Bogi (a missionary from Christian Witness to Israel, working in partnership with our Jews for Jesus Budapest team), reports: “A man whose work clothes were covered with paint stopped to read the pamphlet. Roland* was not Jewish and, while he had a kind of faith in God, he didn’t know much about Jesus. I briefly explained about sin and the salvation available in Jesus, and to my surprise, he agreed. I explained how he could repent of his sins and receive that salvation—and he left saying that he would do this at home.

“It happened so quickly, and he was gone. I began to wonder, did he really understand the message? Why hadn’t I given him a prayer card that he could use to repent? Why didn’t I tell him about our upcoming evangelistic event—and most of all, why didn’t I ask for his contact information? I continued giving out pamphlets, praying for Roland as I did so. An hour later as I was still handing out leaflets, guess who was coming back? Yes! It was Roland! God gave me another chance! I gave Roland the card with the prayer, the invitation to our event, and got his contact information. I was so glad! As I handed him the prayer card, I said, ‘Only say this prayer if you really mean it!’ He looked at me and said, ‘Yes. I do mean it.’

“The sortie was nearly over when I noticed a young, Orthodox Jewish man standing in the square holding one of our leaflets. I asked what he thought of it, and he replied that he was Jewish. I replied that his being Jewish does not tell me what he thinks. We had a good conversation. I invited him to our Multitudes art exhibition with paintings about the Gospel of Matthew by a messianic Jewish artist. He happens to work in the very building where we’re holding the event, so he promised to come—and he gave his contact info as well! What a blessing for the end of the sortie! Please pray that Benjamin* will really come to our event, and also that Roland will follow through with his step of faith.”

*not their real names