We are not ashamed of the gospel

Vlad Mitnitsky, who overseas our general outreach in Tel Aviv reports, “120,000 people flooded the streets of Tel Aviv for the annual Gay Pride Parade. Our team of 14 evangelists—8 Jews for Jesus missionaries and 6 Israeli volunteers—greeted them with a message of hope, handing out 5,500 gospel postcards in 4 hours. The postcard titled ‘I’m not ashamed’ is based on Paul’s famous words to the Romans (Rom. 1:16). It tells how Paul was not ashamed of the Messiah Yeshua, and he put all his trust in Him.

“We had sincere conversations with many Israelis and tourists, though with the multitudes of people, most of our time was spent handing out the postcards. Praise God, thousands of people saw our T-shirts with the name of Yeshua and 5 unbelieving Jewish people gave us their contact info for further follow-up.

“There was a heavy feeling of deception and darkness as many photographers aimed cameras at immodestly dressed people while others stared at the stage, immersed in the music and dancing. It seemed like people had a false sense of joy and freedom. I was amazed to see parents who’d brought their children to such an event. In the middle of the craziness and vulgar words coming from the stage, a security guard named Dan* approached our volunteer Andrei. Dan expressed a deep interest in learning more about Yeshua and meeting one of our missionaries.  Please pray for Dan to know Yeshua who is the true source of joy and freedom.”

Here are some other impressions from outreach participants:

Greta (a faithful volunteer) said,

“I literally did not have enough hands to offer postcards to the massive flow of people. I managed to put a card into the hands of those I could reach and talked with a number of people who took the time to stop and ask questions. One gay man gave me his contact information so that he could receive the Brit HaHadasha (New Testament) and other materials. As I watched the crowd marching towards me with flags and banners, I thought we ought to have our own colorful and creative banners and flags with appropriate scriptures and messages. I imagined mobilizing a massive group of believers in the land to stand on the sidelines with these flags and banners so that when the crowd passed by, they would not be able to ignore the message. Perhaps this would also be a way for many [of the more timid] believers in the land to ‘come out of the closet’ (i.e., be more open about their faith in Jesus).

Alex Adelson (one of our staff members) said,

“While handing out the Romans 1:16 ‘I’m not ashamed’ postcards, I heard different responses. Some said, ‘Shame on you’ (surprising at an event like this), but some people were very interested. One man came and started a conversation with me about Yeshua. After a few minutes he gave me his information. Thank the Lord, He opens people’s hearts and uses us to shine His glory even in very dark places.”

Please pray for the five Jewish people who gave us their contact information at the Gay Pride festival in Tel Aviv to open their hearts to Yeshua.

*not his real name


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