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London: pray for the 55 unbelievers who gave us contact information to hear more about Jesus, including 17 who are Jewish!

Thanks for praying for our London outreach! The team handed out about 14,000 pieces of gospel literature, and had meaningful conversations with 385 individuals, including 119 Jewish people. Here are some of their stories:

Stephen says, “I met an elderly Viennese Jewish man whose father had been the chief rabbi in Vienna. Jacob* is not particularly religious but was open to discussing spiritual matters, and gave me his phone number so that we can meet up for coffee. Please pray that Jacob will be open to hearing the gospel message in full.”

Karol, who co-led the outreach, says, “I met Harry when he saw my T shirt, ‘Jews for_______,’ at the tube station and wanted to know what it was all about. Harry was raised Orthodox Jewish but no longer observes the traditions and was curious about what we believe. I talked with him about the Torah and shared the gospel. He gave me his email so I could send him my story and more information about how Jewish people can believe in Jesus. Please pray that Harry will respond positively.”

Ziggy, the other co-leader of the outreach, reports, “I met a Lithuanian Jewish man, Bernard,* while we were handing out free coffee in Central London. Bernard was born into a secular family under the Soviet system. He professed to have no religion. Yet he had studied theology. He sees Jesus as a revolutionary socialist. I suggested we meet and talk more in the days to come, and he agreed. I texted him later that night and he replied immediately. Please pray for Bernard’s salvation.

“I also met Simon,* a 40-year-old Orthodox man, while giving out gospel literature at Bank Station. Simon was willing to talk more and gave me his phone number. Please pray that God will open Simon’s heart to Yeshua.”

Gideon Salter, volunteer, says, “I met Sarah,* a Jewish woman in her late 20s, while handing out literature at Chancery Lane. Although not Orthodox, she’d had some religious education. We talked about whether Jesus followed the oral law, as well as how Isaiah 52-53 corresponds surprisingly closely with Jesus’ life and death. This was the first time Sarah had heard this. She gave me her email address, so please pray that we can continue this dialogue with her.”

Barry B. says, “While at a prayer station at Golders Green, I met Kevin,* a secular Jewish man brought up in Dublin. Kevin had never thought about Jesus or the New Testament. He gave me his phone number and said he’d be willing to meet up. Please pray that we can meet further to talk about Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.”

Boris Skvortsov, from our Israel team, reports,  “I was able to speak to several Hebrew and English-speaking Jewish people. On our day off, my wife, Gefen, and I had dinner with a Christian I had met on the street who wants to introduce us to her Jewish boyfriend (who is not a believer). Pray that we can get this couple connected with our London branch.

“I also met Mendl,* a Latvian Jewish man, while handing out free water in Soho. Mendl was a high-ranking army officer who had been expelled from his country and had taught philosophy for many years. When I shared the gospel message with him, Mendl became very emotional. He wanted to receive a New Testament in Russian and also information about the Jewish roots of the gospel. Please pray for Mendl’s salvation.”

*not their real names

London Summer Outreach 2015


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